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did anyone else look at the ride pics on their site???? the crowd in the first few pics is crazy..... i wanna take my pizza in there... lol

very clean looking show... rides look to be well maintained and taken care of.
somebody.....somebody SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!
I like the Name "The Edge" better than Full Tilt.....especially since it's more like a Slight Lean....

This guy might Sue though.....

Great site and a GREAT find. Thanks for posting Jagger..
<h5>"If you cant run with the BIG dogs stay on the porch"</h5>

Yea, I agree that is a nice looking Full Tilt, I like the site also.
Sit down, buckle up, and get ready to SCREAM, its the HIMALAYAAAAAAAA...
Sharp looking ride The Edge aka The Full tilt and nice looking website