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Glad I could help, most of the people I know say works not looking for them why should they look for work, good men look for work, I'm sure you will do a good job.
chuck walls
I use to play in alabama in the spring about 15 or 20 years back, it was with BCS, and JUS, and yes so many other shows coming out of fl headed north for the season.
THe kissel link don't work...
<h5>"If you cant run with the BIG dogs stay on the porch"</h5>

hey thanks chuck, I am sure this will be a very big help.
OK EZMONEY try these, there out of clanton, al. and Lowery Carnival Co  there out of gulf shores, al. Terry's Rides, Phenix city al, call billy tucker 706-573-4074, you can also try carnival booking inc  I think they help booking rides and so so, hope you find something good luck.
chuck walls
thanks again, however I have been atound long enough to know there is no pot of gold, lol, just a place to work and a chance to earn a living is all I can ask for. have a good day.
Good morning and good luck!! Maybe you will find that pot of gold today..
<h5>"If you cant run with the BIG dogs stay on the porch"</h5>

good mornin' well as soon as the ole coffee maker finishes I will have my day started. I still havent gotten any thing booked for this week end but am hopefull that will change today. I need spots all summer so any and all help is greatly appreciated. and yes it is true, being broke is temp.


Originally posted by with-it

I guess you got to pm Scott....He knows all the Sneak Spots and has sworn not to post them by the show owners....