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Originally posted by with-it

It's good to know about the Floods....I don't think the ad mentioned the Ride was Under Flood Water twice.....

I don't believe that ride was there when it flooded out. As Sue posted it came in there last year.
I was at the park about 2 years ago when it was closed, what a shame... you could feel the history. I guess time just runs away from the simple things in life, like a saturday afternoon with the family at the local amusement park. Now we have to move it every week to bring excitement to a community on a temporary basis. It looked to me like that park was a happening place a looooong time ago. Now it is just history.
Maybe they mean that's what they want for all the kiddie rides lol.
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they bumped there heads when they set that price
It's good to know about the Floods....I don't think the ad mentioned the Ride was Under Flood Water twice.....
Visit , and I think it will become clear what the whole story is there. Unfortunate, another old classic park stuck in limbo, it appears.
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Those are not a new style sweep. That ride was a jump originally but someone has removed the fiberglass ramps and the 6x3 wheels from the sweeps. It is also not the "new style" Hampton as it claims. Has old style control box, our bird cage changed around 2000, and our rib ends have been machined from aluminum since 1994 those are steel.
Nope, it was worth more as scrap. Chickenman has one for sale, like new.
did the Watkins Satellite sell that was on E-bay?
That may go cheap and for a few dollars can be good piece. I would have reservations about buying it with out looking at it first unless I could get real cheap.
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I haven't been to Bushkill park in years but it is ashame if it is going out of bussiness. Eastern Pennsylvania is losing all its small parks.
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