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Mr B. always was a class act and had a bueatifull show.....
thought was rather humerous was little on cool side 2day but still had nice crowd all afternoon and threw evening just left little earlier still all in all not bad
Litepride is talking about himself.
Nice to pat your own back lol!!
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Originally posted by midway1962

is that who's Justin James is with, ?? better watch out'''

No it is not.

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is that who's Justin James is with, ?? better watch out'''
heard they have this great general manager/ride
Seen a Good looking show doing business at the big mall in Joplin Mo. Name of the show was Pride Amusements owned by Ed Burlingame.The equipment was excellent shape looked like it all had just come out of the factory brand new, line up was as follows:Merry-go Round---16seatwheel---Hampton Comb.----Turnpike----Sellner Aliens-----Sizzler----Alladin----Steeplechase-----Glasshouse-----Zero Gravity----Tropical Swinger----Avalance-----Dive Bomber-----Circus Train------Power Surge----Go Gator----Big new food and confection wagon with neon lighting.8 to 10 joints in trailers that were new and lit up like christmas trees.Nice looking show easy to see why they were doing brisk business!