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Originally posted by LarsonRingofFire

Its a massive ride, theres no doubt about that!!!lol[:D]

Massive and the one that the Joe Noerper has doesnt have much scenery. But sure is a great piece that sucks up the money around it. But well, only if you get paid, if your playing POP's then a Sea Ray is just as good.

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Its a massive ride, theres no doubt about that!!!lol[:D]
Sit down, buckle up, and get ready to SCREAM, its the HIMALAYAAAAAAAA...
Strates Pirate was on 4 trailers too, Plus the crane.

Boat load [~40' Huss trailer]
Pole/base frame load [45-48' flatbed]
Axle/sign/platform load [32'-36'flatbed]
Scenery load [40'container]
was curious?thanks for the info everyone.

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You might be able to rerack it, Jason, but then you'd have problems with being overweight. This ride is by no means a small piece, and it takes up a HUGE area on the midway. Typical Huss iron... huge, heavy, and built to last.
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The erection cylinders are for raising the tower assembly. The crane is used for the assembling and placing of the tower peices and for lifting the top scenery and sign into place.

Wades was FOUR trailers

Pipe Load
Deck Load
Boat Load
Scenery Load

They racked the corals on the crane bed.
3 trailers and a crane.

Jay, ask Joe Noerper, he's moved one for years.
If you need a crane Why is it a big deal if it has the ereection cylinders?
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4 trailers and a crane
do you have to use a crane to move this ride???how hard is it to move. it seems the price of a hundred grand is a good deal. is there a way to make it to a 2 trailer ride??? any info on this piece thanks...
i dont smell em i just tell em......