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This is a great calculator for figuring out dimensions of any scale. It also has charts for drill sizes and digital equivalents.

This is a great post. I was looking for a company that manufactured graphics. I am a scratch modeler and it's hard to draw some of then graphics in ho scale that I need for my Crazy Dance.
Modeling Rick
their should be a edit button on the top left or bottom left, not sure if it disapears after time.

Hey Matt is there a way to delete old posts in here or at least update the links. I checked a few of mine and they no longer work. I want to keep this useful to modlers.

Thanks Rich
I was looking for some small chain and came across some at a REAL Hobby shop in Orlando. Here is a link to chain that is 4 dollars a foot and has 42 links per inch, great stuff.

Oops,I should have put this in modeling.
Just so it stays around...check this out for ride information and specs.


r  memory keys to the simple version, and keep 43 (or 87) in memory as a constant. Note the advance version has an up to date currency converter that is great.


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Hey everyone,r
I'm a new member and live in Ontario. I came across this conversion calculator online that I use often when it comes to scratchbuilding anything. From rides to buildings it's great for them all. 



Originally posted by powersbt

I am my biggest critic. The older I get, the worst I am, and the more in depth I go with projects. To me, it's all about detail, accuracy, and cost is never an object. I see the stuff that Model Railroaders do as far as detail work, and know that it is possible for a Carnival Modeler to accomplish that as well.

Aaaaah I can't tell you how many times I read Scale Models at Broaders and say to myself why can't we accomplish that same detail with our stuff.