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Let's see, there's Spectacular, Super Spectacular, and Mind Boggling. But 'Boggle' isn't a Game they play on the Midway, is it?
Rag Bag Ramrod, Sparky, and Wire Puller.
But they say SIZE dont count lol
<h5>"If you cant run with the BIG dogs stay on the porch"</h5>

I know this is old. But all you need to do is: type something, and highlight whatever you typed. Then go to the color button, and select your color. Same thing goes for font, and size.
How do I color post. Itried to do it on one of my posts but it didn't work. This is what I did clicked color selected my color then typed in what I wanted in color then hit that same color again. also having the same trouble with Format as well. I must be computer stupid or something.[:D] P.S. no problem with the Smiles at all.

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You being stupid and lazy doesn't mean I should do your work.