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Topic Paging not passing ARCHIVE status when viewing archived messages. If you clicked on LAST or FIRST going through the archives, the link would be bad. --Corrected--
ACTIVE USERS "Most Online Record" has been reset since the forum upgrade.


Originally posted by secret.squirrel
-- PM BUG: Administrator PM limit override not working


Spell Check window was popping up to an error page -- database has been fixed.



Originally posted by WestCoastPat

Not at all important, but the system clock is not right out here on the BestCoast.

That's actually a small problem in the forum code. The clock is based on the MCW home location's current time. Since MCW is located just around the Chicago area, it follows CST (CDT). I am thinking of how I could set it up so it catches the time and interprets it to your local time zone. You would have to set that in your profile I think (if the feature was added) -- then it would only really catch the post times, not the times that anyone posted inside a message.

Thanks for the tip tho -- something to look into making a fix of mod for 🙂
Not at all important, but the system clock is not right out here on the BestCoast.
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Dear Members --

As you noticed, there is new software running the forums.

We have noticed a few quirks over the last 24 hours since the software was installed. IF ANYONE IS HAVING ANY PROBLEMS with the new code, please post a message here telling us what happend, what you were doing, and if possible a copy of the line from your browser's address bar into the message so we can try to recreate the problem.

-- POST BUG: System randomly does not redirect you back to your post after you post a reply to a topic.
-- REGISTRATION BUG: System lost it's custom policy definition during the conversion. THIS HAS BEEN RESTORED
-- DISPLAY BUG: The system does not allow you to resize the text anymore using your browser's 'Text Size' option. We are working on a version of the code that will support you changing your 'font size' right here on the forum. This size will be remembered in your cookie for when you return to the site it can remember the settings.
-- PM BUG: Administrator PM limit override not working
-- ACTIVE USERS BUG: Guest List output has not been adapted to the new format.

That is all the problems currently that we know about.

We are working on the following additions as well:
Alert Moderators to Topic option
Member Warning System (the forum will soon track the warnings and suspensions so that it is 'guaranteed' equal between members instead of the current case by case basis for suspensions/lockouts.)
Topic Merging System -- to be able to merge topics as needed
Much More -- unable to list at this point.

Again, if you are having any problems, please let us know so we can straighten it out