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For those concerned with the bad words filter, please see here:
Yeah, the new software looks great, but the language filter is a little bit trigger-happy. I mean, when it has problems with classified ads and Fiberglass, there is something decidedly wrong. Although I suppose there are those who think its treatment of various associations is appropriate.

I hate to think what would happen if an association of exterminators were called in to deal with the cockroach problem. Or if we had reason to talk about Panasonic's parent company, Matsu****a.

Oddly enough, the changes happened just as I installed the new version of Safari on my machine, so initially I wasn't sure whether it was new sofware on MCW, or a drastic change in rendering in Safari!

--Dave Althoff, Jr.
Just incase anyone didn't notice the major change in appearance around here, we have done a major upgrade to the forum software here at MCW. You will not notice some of the options right away, but I am here to point them out to you just in case.

When posting a new message or reply, there is a spell checker now.

It's in the list of icons above the message screen and opens a new window with words it thinks are spelled wrong highlighted.

Private messages now support a working blocklist function.

Major support added for Mozilla based web browsers (much better than in the last version).

There are some other new features. When we move a topic, it will leave a notification. We can also split topics now to help control things from getting off topic.

There are more upgrades coming, but this is the primary and most major upgrade out of all of them.

Enjoy, and if you have any problems, please copy the text in your address bar into a new email along with a description of the problem and what you were doing and mail it off to me (using my profile) and I will take care of it. Some problems will take longer than others, but I will deal with them as soon as possible.

Also, if anyone has any comments, replies can be left here, too --