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Well I finally got my internet back and working so I posted a few pictures from the trip we made to the Ohio State Fair, I recently had foot surgery so you all must please forgive me for the very few photos I have, I spent a lot of my time sitting and watching my 2 daughters and their friends riding the rides.They had control of the camera most of the time and if I posted all of the ones they took you all would die hope my next adventure to the fair is a better one. We did have a good time it was so hot here while it was going on it was nuts. 
britt: There is another very important variable which means you can't read anything at all into the difference in crowd between my main midway photos and my kiddieland photos. The main midway photos were taken on Wednesday evening, and to remove even more people from the midway, at the time I was taking photos, the evening's headline show was going on in the show venue. The kiddieland photos were taken on Saturday afternoon, which was a much busier day all over the fairgrounds. The main midway was busy on Saturday, too.

I should have dated the two pages; in fact, I did put dates on the index page. Also, if there are any JavaScript gurus out there who can figure out why the boxes on my thumbnails don't change....... [:D]

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I would venture to say the 6% figure is bogus. At 6% you would barely notice the difference on the midway, you could loose that much on a rainy day. With all the comments from vendors here they were down much, much more.

Todays bus. section in the local rag says that Walmart is down do to the cost of consumer fuel, should that line of thinking apply to the fair biz as well? I would say so. Not every aspect of the economy is effected yet but the problems are building.

Major cut backs in the economy can be expected next year.
great pics. thanks for sharing. looking at the main midway versus the kiddie land and look at the number of patrons on the rides. is it my imagination or is kiddieland riding a lot more than the main midway. seems the crowds are larger in kiddieland. there could be some variables such as time of day, ride specials and others but kiddie rides seem to do well. also looking at the majors seems some rides had a lot more riders and lines than others. again there could be some variables there also. i know the majority on here are concerned just with the spectaculars but look at which rides were doing the best. just my observations and opinion.
Good job on the pics Dave.

I found a news article that says attendance was down 6%: 

Last year the fair experienced nearly perfect weather for all 12 days, not the case this year.
Okay, the script isn't quite working the way I want (my boxes aren't changing color) but you can see the photos. 40 photos of the rides on the main midway at the 2005 Ohio State Fair. More photos, of the kiddie rides, coming Real Soon Now... 

--Dave Althoff, Jr.
Sorry i missed you Ron. I did go to Michigan one day and get a trailer. Also spent a day in Zanesville getting some stuff ready.
I asked Koski if he had seen you and he told me no.
Rough OSF Fair for me this year.


Posted - 08/15/2005 : 9:08:28 PM by Bill P

By the way I noticed plastic cnstruction type mesh tied around the base of the Strates KMG Fireball in Hamburg,NY this week, I assume in response to last year's Kentucky incident.

Noticed the same thing when they were in Danbury. I think your assumption is right on... I seem to recall the same thing at last year's NYSF as well...
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