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Even though they do cary a lot of small rides Bobby is one of the ride men and builders in the area I have known them for years and worked for them servel times they are great people
jimmy coffield
nice people. i had already replied to the allegany fair topic where they will be playing. they have a large food operation at the ncsf. they host a good suite at the nc fair convention.
yes Bossman, I thought you might know them. They said they take a lot of food trailers into the NCSF on the independent side.
Sue, Brinkley Entertainment is from Walnut Cove, NC.. Bess and Bobby Brinkley are two of the nicest people you could ever meet.. Bess is from the well known carnival McBride Family.. McBride Concessions is well known in the area, playing events such as the NCSF.. First Class all the way..
I visited a very small show last night in the mountains of VA at the Bland County Fair. Brinkley's Amusements from NC played it. I had never heard of them but what a nice small show. Every ride was freshly painted, spotless, 100% bulb count. Even the inflatables were in perfect condition. Ride ops all nicely dressed. They take a lot of pride in their show. It was very late (most people were leaving as I arrived) so my photos aren't going to be really good.
It is so nice to happen upon a show at a fair in the middle of nowhere that is so impressive. They carry mostly kiddie rides,but had the most beautiful Frolic I've ever seen!