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I've seen the show three times when it has come thru KY...last time was back in about 1997 or truly is awesome to watch go up and down...and the show is good too.
Carson & Barnes wil be playing throughout Northern, Central, and Southern Indiana for the next several weeks. They are a great spectacle to see GO UP, the SHOW, and the PULL DOWN. Think about their logistics, they move this show on a daily basis! A two or three day stand is like a holiday to the crew.

If you have a chance, stop in and say hello to Barbara Bird. They are very Fan Friendly.
E. S. Connolly
Man Carson and Barnes is a great show to visit... old school big time. When Giovanni and I attend that show we are always treated first class!

I"ll tell you a great story about C&B owner Dorie Miller and Cliff Vargas back when he was alive.

Carson and Barnes as big as they are have a reputation for getting the show down and loaded in unbelievalbe time! Cliff Vargas paid a visit to the show to check out their tear down technics and hopefully take them back and and put them to use on his show. Anyway, Dorie Miller didnt get to the top by being stupid, so when Cliff came in, Dorie treated him like royalty, gave him the best seats in the house, and when the show was over, he ask him if he wanted to join him in the cook house for a cup of coffee. Cliff said sure so Dorie kept the coffee and pie coming and by the time he turned lose of Cliff the show was down and loaded and Cliff Vargas was ****ed he missed it all!

True story!
Drove past Carson and Barnes circus in Gary IN, Tent is huge and red. Lots of shows and fronts ouside leading in. Tons of vehicles everywhere. Only wish I had time to attend. 
"If life was fair elvis would be alive and the impersonators would be dead"-carson