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The scooter wasn't that bad. With todays 53' trailers and use of hydraulics it would be easier than the 40' trailers we had. Besides, Al wouldn't let me. The only part of that ride he let me modify was the fence under the rail and the outside lights we used maybe twice.

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Flamo too bad you never trailer mounted the floor plates for that darn scooter!! That was a real ball buster. Even the trailer full of blocking was a nightmare.

But I was glad the wheels got trailer mounted, it saved me time in the towers.

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<h5>"If you cant run with the BIG dogs stay on the porch"</h5>

Talking about trailer mounting wheels.My father cut down a #12 eli
made into a 10 seater and pulled it with a pickup back in the late 60,s or early 70,s. he did a couple king wheels also.and to as old as pintar would be a stretch.
I'm not as old as you 2 expeienced hands so I would not have been able to answer the question. good topic though, try another one Carnahan.
An added footnote to Eli Wheels.....

Others had partially mounted Eli Wheels but not to the extent the folks in Brownsville Texas did. Gabrick had a trailer mounted wheel prior to that. Modeled after the Texas conversion, in Ohio I TM'd 25 Eli Wheels with help of course. To my knowledge our shop was the only one to do #12 Eli's, all the rest were Eli #5s. We started the year Eli came out with thier Hy-5. We made improvements every year based on suggestions by Uncle Miltie. We had double folding stars, sloped transistion on the nose and an Eli clutch to mention a couple. The ride was gas, electric or both. The first 12 we did had been blown over. This was back in the mid to late sixties and early seventies. Instead of silver paint we painted the circle white, towers and brige irons blue, yellow, Euclid Green or red with the deck, grey or orange. We took pride in our product. A small show in the Dallas area is still using a wheel we did the second year. That's over thirty years of service on a wheel that was 3 years old when we put it on the trailer. (KGM009 I think, Tar)

Just a little history......
I'm there, Old, Tired, Broke and Henpecked
very good , the frist eli was a # 10 ,40 '3 " tall and 10 seats
man is the only animal that can blush , or has the need to !
eli made a # 10 wheel with 10 seats i think it was 38' or 39' 3" tall
all icons 's of the the road ,[:D][:D] we know that a # 16 wheel is 55' 3" tall &has 16 seats , a #12 is 45' 3" and has 12 seats , and #5 is 40' &3"& has 12 seats and a # 6 is 20)' 3"and has 6 seats , AND WHAT IS MISSING ! TAR & FLAMO ARE D. Q ed from this !!
man is the only animal that can blush , or has the need to !