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You think for a moment that Rosen doesn't have control of the office? Is he first of May in the business World?
With an outfit as large as NAME, things could 'balance out', all the big shows have alot the same pieces, and then their own unique, majors.

As long as one partner doesn't start buying "lesser" new rides than the others, things stay equal. They should enjoy some economies of scale, one fleet of trucks can move 1.5 shows ect., parts can be stockplied and shared. The ability to rotate rides to Fairs where they are "new" saves having to buy a new ride to keep from "having the same stuff as always".
The other problems, remain the same or worse. Add in a couple Major shareholders with no knowlege and a suspicion they are getting ripped off...
flip a coin, well see.
I think A good example will be N.A.M.E. let's see how the big shows can do,I give them 5-10 years before things are either back to the way they were ie:farrow conklin all-star or on the other hand it could be a new wave of show.....we shall see
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No,I'm sure it was a high priority.
Think he's the first to try,(fairboard ect)? Who's got homefield advantage[;)]

I'm sure they trust Rosen completely as well.
Gary how do you post a day ahead of time? Its the 13th of july not the 14th[8D]
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Is it impractical? Let's think about this for a second. I think you are right Pinetar from a standpoint of two show owners working together tightly and becoming partners....however, that is exactly what NAME has done, right?

But, the one thing I have heard over and over from show owners who started small and then got a bit larger is that they wished
"we'd stayed small and kept it all" instead of having to split the money around so many ways.

However, I tend to think the business is in for some changes. WIth the rising costs of operation overall, there may have to be some sort of consolidation....

A show owner recently told me it takes about 2000 gallons of diesel a week to run his plants when he has an 18 ride show up....he was concerned about the price hikes and the panic rumor about fuel hitting $5 a gallon at some point. Should that EVER happen, then there's $10,000 bucks a week for fuel alone...for a small fairs where they gross maybe $65-$70,000 tops.

I'm not sure what the answer is..
Look at all the established companys that have second gen, family to work with. WHAT DO THE KIDS DO, they start their own show. Example: Larry David Carnival Time Shows and many others. Everybody wants to be their own boss which is ok.

I don't understand your suggestion bossman, totally impractical.

Thanks for everyone's comments..Like I said "wouldn't it be nice" if you could find someone to you could work with..
I can solve the whole issue if you let me do the count!
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If you can't defend your self don't make stupid comments (please) say a SCAT vs. Tempest trade? Very similar...