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Carnival & Fair News
Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals
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CarnivalWarehouse.com publishes the industry's official top 50 fair and carnival ranking.  Annually, fairs are assessed based on attendance and calculated with a special patented formula to determine their official ranking.  In addition to the nations top fairs, the carnivals that provide amusement rides for the fairs are also ranked based on the number of fairs within a given year's top 50 list that they play.

Since 2006, CarnivalWarehouse.com has received national recognition for its Top 50 Fair list, being covered nationally by the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, as well as numerous local publications and business journals. 

Official Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals Playing the Top 50:

2017 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Houston holds top slot with record year; six fairs record record attendance

2016 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Houston takes top slot; New York up 23.1% over 2015; IL State Fair drops off the list.

2015 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Texas State Fair up 22.7%; Maryland State Fair up 58.5% over 2014; while IL State Fair down 53.8%

2014 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Attendance up 1% over 2013 at top 50 fairs; Calgary Stampede up 25% over 2013

2013 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Attendance up 1% over 2012 at top 50 fairs

2012 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Overall attendance remains on par with 2011

2011 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Texs State Fair Remains in the #1 spot

2010 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Texs State Fair Returns to #1 spot

2009 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Rises to #1 spot

2008 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

Texas State Fair retains top rank, Wilson County (Leabnon, TN) makes list for first time.

2007 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

North America's Top 50 Fairs drew over 41,000,000 visitors in 2007 and Texas State Fair remains #1

2006 Top 50 Fairs & Carnivals

CarnivalWarehouse.com Releases first annual Top 50 Fair & Carnival Ranking

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