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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
MCW Interview with Brother Andrew R. Casper of Carnival Hope
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
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  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

In light of the recent posts on the message board with Brother Andrew of Carnival Hope and some of our regular members, we decided to do an interview to learn more about Brother Andrew and his ministry. MCW: What is Carnival Hope and what does it do? Brother Andrew: Carnival HOPE is a powerful & effective outreach to carnies that need one or more people who will listen to them and who will Pray them through their problems. As long as they are serious about changing some of their bad habits, we are serious about helping them. Over the years, I have met a number of family oriented people in the carnival business, and the more that people of faith in the MESSIAH reach out to carnies that need guidance, the more that the carnival industry will be a better and safer place for everybody! MCW: Brother Andrew, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background growing up: Brother Andrew: I grew up in a large family that was into watching and playing sports and that was part of the Catholic church denomination. For the most part my life was great growing up! However when I was 12 years old, I began to notice that I had constant pain in my head, which made it very difficult in school and sports, but by the grace of the Heavenly FATHER, I made it through high school. And my faith in the MESSIAH really began to become more and more real to me as I became a young adult, which made it a lot easier to cope with headache pain. However, I fully believe that the MESSIAH wants us to all receive our healing! MCW: What made you identify the carnival industry as the place for your service? Brother Andrew: As I was growing up, I had a heart for carnivals, and for all of my grown up life, I have been involved in the carnival business off and on. Many years ago, it became obvious to me that the MESSIAH was using me in a very positive way, while I was at fairs & festivals. I minister to a large scale of people, and since I have a heart for people who are hurting and broken people, the carnies are a great group of people to reach out to. MCW: What kind of religious training do you have and is your organization a part of any larger Christian denomination? Brother Andrew: I went to a small non denominational bible school that had a teacher that got his degree in Tulsa, OK, and I currently fellowship with non denominational believers in the MESSIAH. Much of my time is spent at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, MO. MCW: What other outreaches are you currently involved in? is a division of Tip Top Dynamic Power Ministries! And TipTopDPM has a number of other outreaches. has more information about various outreaches that are offered. For many years, the slogan that has gone with my name is "Serving HIM Through Serving You!" MCW: How do your beliefs differ from those of other prominent Christian denominations? Brother Andrew: I know that the MESSIAH still does miracles, which some believers in the MESSIAH don't currently believe. Some say that miracles passed away after the Inspired Scriptures were finished being written, but I have seen too many miracles to know that miracles are for today! The MESSIAH is the same yesterday, today, and forever according to Hebrews 13:8! I also know that the CREATOR & SAVIOR likes to be addressed properly! While HE was on this earth, HIS mother named HIM YAHSHUA, which means YAHAVAH or YAHWEH is Salvation! And many experts call the Heavenly FATHER, YAHWEH. HE has also shown me that HE wants me to call HIM YAHAVAH (YHVH ), which means HE who will be. Most people don't like having their name changed, and that includes the CREATOR & SAVIOR! And even though many believers in the MESSIAH don't currently understand this truth, lots of people have received this wonderful revelation! I also know that churches and ministries don't need to become approved by the Government. Before 1954, churches and ministries were NOT controlled by the state! The only reason why this is currently so popular is because churches and ministries want favors from the State. I strongly see that as compromise. Otherwise, I believe many things that other true followers of the MESSIAH believe. MCW: Is carnival life conducive to living a Christian life? Brother Andrew: Some true believers in the MESSIAH do really well in the carnival business. MCW: If so, how so and if not why not? Brother Andrew: I believe that more strong believers in the MESSIAH are very much needed in the carnival world, as long as that is HIS will for their lives! MCW: What are some things a person can do to live their life in the carnival as a Christian? Brother Andrew: When on the road, it is important to stay in close touch with strong brothers and sisters of faith! And it is also very helpful to read the Inspired Scriptures and Pray on a continual basis, when traveling in the carnival world. I myself like to get away from the all nighter carnies and stay at motels/hotels. They can also reach out in a positive way to the carnies, and to the visitors of the fairs & festivals that they are at! MCW: How does one attain heaven, is faith alone enough or are works required as well? Brother Andrew: True faith in YAHSHUA the MESSIAH is the only way to obtain eternal life. When we have true solid faith in HIM, honorable deeds and set apart living should automatically be a part of our daily lives! MCW: Are people predestined for heaven or hell? Brother Andrew: We are all free moral agents, and anyone that spends eternity in torment, does so only because of their choice to not surrender their lives to the CREATOR & SAVIOR! MCW: How has your reception been within the business? Any shows particularly open? Brother Andrew: Over the years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to listen and give advise to a number of broken carnies, and every once and awhile, they have been serious about making needed changes in their lives. During my time at fairs & festivals, I mainly have been blessed with the opportunity to be a great example to the families that visit. A lot of times, I have done outreach while operating rides in kiddie land. While doing that, I have played music about faith, I have used big water guns & bubble guns, I have given away a lot of signed Polaroid pictures of me with the Children, I have Prayed with a number of people, as well as done other things. This has given me much positive feedback from people who have met me on at their fairs & festivals. I have mainly traveled with shows in Wisconsin, but I have also hooked up with shows from various other places. And with the very positive response, I have been usually able to serve others, pointing them to faith in the MESSIAH, without a lot of opposition. MCW: Do you travel during the year? Where do you go to and do you have a set schedule? Brother Andrew: I used to have more of a set steady carnival routes, but since I have been more involved with others aspects of my ministry, I currently have been only doing outreach at 5 or less fairs and festivals a season.

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