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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Fearless Flores Thrill Show: Three Generations of Thrilling Entertainment
Friday, August 5, 2016
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  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

The Fearless Flores Family Thrill Show specializes in entertaining and delighting audiences throughout North America. Their show has several spectacular acts including six globes of death, the wheel of destiny, vertical sway pole, and raceway in the sky, featuring motorcycles on a high wire. In addition to the feature acts, the Flores family members perform ground acts including plate spinning and the low wire. For the Floresses, thrill acts truly are the family business: everyone has a role and training starts early. The Flores' travel and success as entertainers have made them even closer as a family. 

The Flores Family has been in the entertainment business for three generations. Victor and Linda Flores were the first to enter show business. Victor started out as a gymnast from Mexico who ran away to be with the Carson and Barnes Circus where he met Linda, who specialized in animal acts. During his time with the circus, Victor realized there was a big demand for the globe of death act. . The globe became his signature act, adding multiple motorcycles at a time or cast members standing in the globe as bikes buzzed around them.  Over time, Victor started accumulating more in-demand acts such as the high wire and the flying trapeze. "He figured out the recipe for family entertainment in the fair market," says his son, Ricardo

After aligning the perfect entertainment line-up and teaching his kids about performance  and safety, Victor and his family began performing together at fairs and festivals. In their younger days, Ricardo and his sisters would perform the high wire, trapeze, and animal acts and then the Floreses would close with the globe of death. Performing these thrill acts was exciting for Ricardo; so, he began to experiment with more acts to vary their repertoire. Ricardo, his wife, Chela, and sister, Frances, along with their children, now continue the legacy Victor and Linda began. "The family aspect is the best thing about the show; I wouldn't do any of this without my family," says Ricardo. 

The Flores Family Thrill Show currently consists of two separate units that sometimes separate into as many as four, depending on their schedule. One unit is run by Ricardo and Chela along with their three children: Cyndel (18), Volorian (13), and Zianna (3). A typical show for this unit includes Ricardo on the wheel of destiny, Volorian performing plate-spinning, and Cyndel and Volorian in the globe of death separately at first, and then together. Ziana is practicing for the globe of death and has been riding motorcycles for over a year now. The other unit is run by Victor, his daughter, Frances, and her sons: Giovanni (10) and Victor (8). Each unit is built almost identically as each member of the family can perform several of the thrill acts. " We don't have any weak units and our varied acts and abilities is what makes our show marketable and appealing," says Ricardo. 

When asked what it's like to perform on the road with their family, Cyndel (18) and Volorian (13) describe it as living two lives. They got to public school in Florida and travel with the family on long weekends, Spring break, Winter break, and the Summer. Oftentimes, Cyndel and Volorian will do schoolwork on the road; their father, Ricardo, says that the school is very flexible with them. Ricardo and Chela love having their children on the road with them and say they are integral to the operation; but, they always insist that their education is the first priority. Cyndel and Volorian truly enjoy their life on the road: especially the traveling part. "When we travel, we are big time tourists," says Ricardo. The family spends quality time together and makes sure to have some fun and sight-see at each spot on the road. "The travel is awesome; I've had so many different experiences and seen so many things. I've traveled way more than any of my classmates at school and I value that experience," says Cyndel. 

Perhaps one of the most valuable experiences the family business brought Cyndel and Volorian was their time on season six of America's Got Talent. The Fearless Flores Thrill Show made it to the top 48 acts and the live shows. Cyndel, Volorian, and other members of the family had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas and Hollywood to perform on the show. "The show was a lot of fun and a great experience. Plus we go to go to Hollywood and Vegas , two places I had never been," said Volorian, who was eight while performing on the show. On America's Got Talent: the Flores' performed the crowd favorite: the globe of death. They had up to three motorcycles in the globe while Ricardo stood in the middle. 
While the Fearless Flores Thrill Show can be found at fairs and festivals, they have also built a nice relationship with the Feld organization, performing the Globe of Death during intermission at Monster Truck Shows.  The Globe has also been booked at other motorsports events, grand openings and sports shows. With up to four units on the road at a time, the show is able to perform at a variety of venues.  

Ricardo and Chela's unit finished up at the Palisades Fair in West Nyack, NY in early July and is headed to Pennsylvania, then heading South to Tennessee and Georgia. Victor and Frances' unit is headed to Arkansas until Winter, when the show spends time in Miami. Soon, there will be even more opportunity to see the Fearless Flores Thrill Show as Cyndel will take out her own unit as soon as she graduates high school in the Spring. 

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