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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Bluegrass adds a Zamperla Wave Blaster to its line up
Thursday, April 26, 2007
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There is nothing like visiting a show during the spring in Florida. The weather is beautiful hope for a successful season and the equipment looks great after a long winter. Visiting Might Bluegrass Shows in Sarasota, I found another show where rides, concessions and shows looked fantastic. Finishing up their Florida winter dates here the show will start it's strong festival and fair route July 3rd and be out until November 11th before returning to home to Tampa, Florida. The fair in Sarasota runs March 16th through 25th with its busiest times being Weekends and nights with school in session. Daily armband ride specials were offered. New to Mighty Bluegrass' already powerful lineup was a Zamperla Wave Blaster. Bluegrass has provided the midway at the Sarasota County Fair for 30 years, presenting 51 rides this year. The Mighty Blue Grass Shows were founded in 1946 by Col. C. C (Specs) Groscurth. The show was originally based out of Owensboro, Kentucky. Starting with only two second-hand rides it has grown into one of the truly great motorized midways in the country. In 1974 the show was purchased by James J. Murphy Sr. and the high standards and expectations set by Groscurth were maintained by the Murphy Family. Many of the same festivals played by "Spec's" are still played by the Murphy organization. Cory Dills, a retired Kentucky ride inspector, is with the show, showing their dedication to rider safety. He teaches classes in ride safety and inspection across the United States and is a prominent member of the ride safety community. Dills works with the show to keep the rides and employees as safe as possible. As stated previously, the show looked great. All rides were in like-new condition with new canvas tops. Ride personnel were nicely attired and very helpful to the ride patrons. Everywhere on the show a friendly attitude prevailed, from ride help to concessions and front office personnel. This is a great example for positive public relations impact employees can have for the show and the industry. J.J. Murphy, Jim's son and show manager, had a very positive outlook for the season. Murphy stated "higher grosses will be needed to off set raising fuel, insurance and operating costs. Adjusting ticket prices can only go so far before the public rides and spends less," he noted. This is a challenge every entertainment business faces today. MBGS New Wave BlasterThe powerful 51 ride lineup included the follwoing: Merry-go-round, Speedway, Hampton Combo , Raiders, Mini Jet, Mini Enterprise, Titanic, Bear Affair, Berry-go-round, Dizzy Dragon, TugBoat, Orient Express, Toon Town, Jurassic Survivor, Kiddie Boats, Family Swings, Freefall, Wacky worm, Tilt, Tornado, Starship 3000, Spider, Ring Of Fire,2 Scooters, Zero Gravity, Scrambler, Thunder Bolt, Extasy, Cliff Hanger, Slide, Power Surge, Sea Ray, Dream Machine, Gondola wheel, Nitro, Big Ben, Wave Blaster. Aside from Murphy's rides, Frank Zaitshik's Wade Shows booked in their Zyklon, Enterprise, Twister, Spinout, Giant wheel, Mardi Gras, Zipper, Orbiter, Fun House, Train ride, Truck ride, Monkey Maze and Hy- 5 Wheel.

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