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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
2016 IISF Trade Show Ends with a Bang
Manufacturers report strong trade show
Wednesday, February 17, 2016
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

The final day of the IISF Super Extravaganza and Trade Show was the warmest yet.  Many were scurrying around making last minute deals and contacts as vendors packed up and got ready to head home.

"We had a great show.  The first three days were off because of the weather, but we had a solid last two days", said Len Soled of Rides 4 U.

Rides 4-U was also conducting a silent auction of  equipment at the Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Panama City.  They received bids on all items and will be closing out the sales later this week.  Soled was very happy with the results so far.  Notable pieces in the auction include a SDC Galaxy Coaster, Zamperla Tea Cup, Carousel, and several other classic rides.

At the show in Gibtown, they sold several SBF/Visa Mini Pirate Ship rides, including pieces to Rick Haney (Fundways of Illinois), Jake Inners, and Jeff Brady.

They also sold a SBF/Visa Compact Spinning Coaster to Mr. Ed's Magical Midways of Wisconsin.  As mentioned yesterday, Mr. Ed's also took delivery of the KMG Inversion on display at the show.

Rides 4 U also sold an SBF/Visa Groovy Bus to Spectrum Entertainment of Wisconsin and they were working on closing a sale to Matt McDonagh of Big Rock Amusements for the same piece.

Other last minute sales of new rides at the show included a KMG Inversion to Houghton Enterprises for a 2018 delivery and a Frog Hopper to Daniel Yarnell of Toby's Carnival. 

A number of used pieces also were moved during the show, including a Scrambler from Stewart Amusements sold to Rockwell Amusements and a Rockin' Tug to Spectrum Entertainment.

The three weeks following the IAAPA show in November were spectacular for Rides 4 U and Soled is expecting the same results following the Gibtown show.  This is the time period when they close a lot of deals that begun during the trade show.

"We came across a lot of our clients and they had a mission to buy.  The next few weeks will be tell the tale", said Soled.

Asked for his review of the 2016 show, Soled said everyone at Rides 4 U was pleased with the turnout.  Soled also said he really liked the change in hours, opening later at 11 am instead of 10 am, but would also like the IISA to cut out the final Saturday of the show so staff could tear down and get home for some rest before returning to the office on Monday.

Soled is going to be traveling to Italy in a few weeks to help design some new portable and park model rides that will be on display at IAAPA in 2016.

Over the past couple of years, a handful of new ride manufacturers have begun making an impact at the show.

Two vendors, Kolmax Plus and Luna Park, are members of a Czech Republic family that manufacture amusement rides.  Kolmax Plus has been manufacturing rides since 2001 and Luna Park recently started manufacturing rides.  

They carry similar lines of amusement rides and an impressive array of offerings.  They both promote their experience as both showmen and manufacturers.  

Luna Park, with some ride cars on display, sold a Gondola Wheel as we reported earlier in the week, and a Jumbo Elephant ride to Skerbeck.  Skerbeck previously purchased a kiddie carousel from the company, so Luna Park is already receiving repeat business.

Luna Park was happy to announce that their rides have received ASTM approval.

On the back side of the trade show grounds, Kolmax had a Dumbo Elephant ride on display.  The attraction impressed, looking similar in size and scope to Disney's Dumbo ride.  The company's efforts to bring the ride for display paid off and they reported selling 12 elephants and 12 tea cups at the show!

Kolmax Plus Sales included:

Dumbo Elephants:
  • Jeremy& Kate Floyd (debuted at the Florida State Fair)
  • Amusements of America
  • Hendrik Booz
  • Deggeller Attractions
  • Mauricio Safie
  • Jessop Amusements
  • All Around Amusements (on display)
  • PBJ Happee Day Shows
  • Wade Shows
  • Powers' Great American Midways
  • Gold Star Amusements
  • Ray Cammack Shows
  • Funtastic Shows
  • Paradise Amusements
  • Browns Amusements
  • S&S Amusements
  • Funtime Carnival
  • All Around Amusements
  • Amusements of America
  • Wilson Family Shows
  • Modern Midways
  • Skerbeck Entertainment Group
  • Powers Great American Midways
  • Bryce Grein
  • PBJ Happee Days Shows, Tim Casper

World of Attractions

A new vendor coming to the show for the first time was World of Attractions.  Owner Jimmy Blume is a 6th generation showmen from Germany, and he sells new and used rides. 

Offering include Swing Towers, Funhouses, Giant Wheels, Miami rides, scooters and a Stinger ride.  A full list of products offered can be found on the company's websites, and

Blume said he enjoyed the show and his first OABA meeting and he is looking forward to the 2017 Super Extravaganza and Trade Show.

Owen Trailers
Owens Trailers have been busy working on new fun houses.  They are currently in full production through the summer.

Alpine Amusements and All Around Amusements both bought Wacky Shacks recently.  Fantasy Amusements also bought a fun house as well with a custom theme.

The Surf Shack on display was a one year-old piece that previously belonged to Blue Sky Amusements.  It was sold prior to the show to Russ Kissel and they will take delivery after closing.

Wisdom Rides
Victor Wisdom, wouldn't divulge all his sales, but he was very proud that the Himalaya at the show was going to RC Cole of Cole Shows Amusement Company.  The ride was partially galvanized to help prevent rust and this was the third Wisdom Himalaya to feature the galvanized parts.  In a previous model, they galvanized the entire trailer frame, but because of the added weight, they opted to only galvanize certain parts on the Cole version.

Wisdom did disclose that they were very close to inking a deal on the new Y-Factor concept ride that was announced at the show last year.  They are hoping to build at least one this year.

In other news, Skerbeck Entertainment reported that they purchased two new bunk houses from Recreation by Design, a Tea Cup from Kolmax, a Jumbo Elephant Ride from Luna Park, a KMG Inversion which they took delivery of in the fall, and a new Chester built food trailer.
Finally, MCW can report Poor Jack Amusements purchased an Expo Wheel from Wadkins Expo Wheels. 

Despite some cool weather to start the show, the IISF Trade Show & Extravaganza finished strong and many vendors were pleased with the results.

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