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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Gibtown Extravaganza -- Final Day
Saturday, February 10, 2007
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Gibsonton, FL -- After four days, you would think things at the show would be winding down on Saturday after a long week of conducting business. That is not the case for the Gibtown Extravaganza however. Saturday was a buzz of last minute deal making and rushing to get things done before the show ended. The MCW booth was again very busy with visitors coming by with news and information and many new advertisers. Jerry Gillette from the board stopped by but was soon whisked away to the Ital. International booth for some information about a new ride or two. Frank Zaitshik stopped by to compliment MCW on our news coverage of the trade show. Shawn Exum, Pal Fontana, Vinny and Tracy Guaganti of NY's famous R & A Zeppoles all came by to say hello. Another special visitor was Wendy Trombetti, wife of Duke Trumpets, who has been battling cancer over the last year. She said it was the first time in 41 years she had not been on the road. Wendy was with her beautiful daughter Katie, mother June Johnson, stepfather Dick Johnson, sister Cathy and mother-in-law Aggie Trombetti. Dick is a circus ringmaster and he and June owned several side shows over the years. Wendy and Duke are game operators on Midwest Midways and independently at the Minnesota State Fair and the Dade County Youth Fair. Our thoughts and prayers are with Wendy as she continues her treatments. Al Rosenburg of Triangle Poster came by to discuss the poster business and the success he has had at the trade show this year. Rosenburg placed many of his new sign holders with 14 x 22 signs along the roads leading to the trade show. He said he developed these holders to address the problem of putting cards in store windows and on telephone poles. The holders come stapled in a sleeve and are very easy to use. Rosenburg said another popular item is his ant-counterfeit ticket. With sophisticated scanning and printing equipment readily available today, counterfeiting has become a big issue, even with small shows. Rosenburg now has several types of tickets that address this situation. He recently helped Reed Expositions and Jules and Beck tackle counterfeiting problems with great success. Rosenburg believes the economy is turning for the better and he said that this show was his best in three years. The IISA's annual memorial Service was held at noon on Saturday in the Carousel Pavilion. The service honors those who have died over the past year. The Rev. Malcolm "Mac" Clements preached a sermon, reviewing the words of the Showmen's Prayer . Paul Jeonnette read the names of the deceased. We reprint them for you here: Julio Alexander, Bunni Bartok, Robert Bechards, Jules Catarzi, Marion Charron, Vaughn G. Colegrove, Frank Cook, Charles M. Dalton, Margaret Damon, Irvin Deggeller, Marilyn Reed Edwards, Austin L. Evans, Adelbert Ray Granlee, David C. Hixson, Charles "Fats" James, William Thomas Johnson, Kristy Klinger-O'Connor, Lawrence J. Knoll, Jr., William "Bill" Lauther, Sr., Paul F. Macneill, Clara Matysuk, John Michaels, Jimmy "Killowat" Miller, Zena Milner, Gaspare Mistretta, John P. Moss, II, William H. Myers, Carl Woodrow Porter, Jacqueline Rakstang, Pat Razzano, Donald J. Reifke, Bradley M. Roberts, Cassie Roberts, Alama G. Rocheleau, Mario Rojas, Sr., John Sams, Grant B. Swift and Myrna Walkup. MCW interviewed many of the ride, game and food manufacturers and suppliers and we will have a wrap-up article with all the facts and figures, including who bought what for the new season, on Tuesday. In the meantime, thanks to everyone at the IISA, especially Shelby Royal and Steve Ianni for their help and hospitality during our stay there.

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