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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Gibsonton Day 3
IISA Banquet a success
Friday, February 9, 2007
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Gibsonton, FL - The International Independent Showmen's Foundation's annual Trade Show and Extravaganza continued Thursday, February 9 on the grounds in Gibsonton. The club reported attendance for Wednesday equal to the numbers from last year. The MCW booth was again visited by many board members and well wishers. Pal Fontana stopped by to say his video post was approaching 1,000 hits. Ricky and Julie Ukmar were interested in a website from Matt's Web Design. Amusements of America's Dominic, Phil, Marco, Dominic Jr. and Robbie Vivona stopped by to see MCW's Jill Rainey who they had worked with at the Ohio State Fair. Morris Vivona and his wife Ethel were involved in a minor car accident in Tampa on the way to their hotel and were transported to the hospital. Fortunately, although they both were shaken by the accident, they only received minor injuries and Morris later made an appearance at the IISA banquet. Many of you have been asking about the rides featured at the trade show so we decided to make a comprehensive list of the offerings here along with pictures. Fabbri's new Family Swings made their debut after some problems with customs. The ride was being set up during the day on Thursday. Dozens of people stopped to watch the process and speak with Jeff Miller of Fabbri Group. Wisdom Manufacturing had both a Tornado and Sizzler on the grounds. A.R.M. had their Full Tilt and Super Shot rides on display. A.R.M. is also converting Inverter rides from Chance into Full Tilts Sellner Manufacturing had their Dizzy Dragon Ride Moser has a Free Fall on display. Owens Manufacturing brought a Cuckoo Haus. Fredricksen Industries had four slides on display, two small and two large. High-Lite has a large presence on the lot. The Scat 2, Fair Wheel, Chair Swing, Festival Wheel, Fun Wheel and Trackless Train are all on display. Emiliana Luna Park has a Family Train featuring a rocking action that can be controlled by the riders. AmTech has the Remix II on display, which will be going to Ray Cammack Shows. Fajume as reported in the vendor spotlight article had their Galeon ride and a Wacky Worm. Wadkins had their Expo Wheel on display which is going to Pride of Texas Shows. Rides 4U's SBF/Visa compound had a Sky Glider, Traffic Jam, Super Truck, Dog Ride, and Mini Pirate Ship. Len Soleid said the company would be launching their new website on Wednesday of this week. Curl Manufacturing had three walk throughs: a Playstation, Super Heros and Jungle Fun. Wapello had two Moonwalks on display. Bumper Boats, Inc. has their Kiddie Bumper Boats. Satori had the Express Train, the Off-Road and the Safari Train. Zamperla had a Mini Tug and Buggy Bounce. Fellimena Luna Park had three Merry Go Rounds, a 3 abreast, a two abreast and a small kiddie carousel. Click here to view photos from the trade show. Photo gallery is updated daily Thursday night was opening day of the Florida State Fair as well as the 40th annual IISA Banquet themed "Casino Royale" honoring President Shelby Royal. Held at the Hard Rock Hotel, the event was attended by a packed house of 300, one of the largest banquets in recent memory. The Dais consisted of Museum Corp. President Ivan Arnold, Charity president Gloria Myers, Cemetery president Paul Jeonnotte, Retirement Village President Teresa Rimes, Treasurer Martha Garrett and Secretary Carol Sikes. 3rd Vice-President was Steve Ianni, 2nd Vice-president was Dee-Dee Starkey and 1st Vice-President and incoming President is Karen Arnold. Outgoing President Shelby Royal gave a moving, heartfelt speech, thanking her family, friends and supporters over the year. She recounted her battle with cancer this past year as well as the loss of her father, thanking "life partner" Steve Ianni, Bobby Myers for his lunches and phone calls, the Vivona Family for their emotional and financial support on Amusements Of America and her mother, brothers Billy and Mike, sister Debbie and their respective spouses. Shelby went on to thank the rest of her family and friends for their support over the year. Friday will feature an 11am seminar on operator training, 1pm international staffing class and 3pm documentation staff. Please stop by the MCW booth if you have the opportunity. IISF Trade Show Photos

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