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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Grow your business - Attend an IISF Seminar
Saturday, February 3, 2007
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Trucking & Fuel Seminar - Karry Shephard with INTERNATIONAL TRUCK & ENGINE CORP will be holding a seminar covering the new changes to diesel fuel & vehicles to meet the 2007 emissions standards. He will also have information concerning CDL requirements. This seminar will last about 45 minutes and there is no cost involved. It will be offered on Tuesday, Feb. 6th at 11am and again on Wednesday, Feb. 7th at noon. Drug Testing - PLH Consulting presents an informative look into the whos, whats whens, wheres, whys and hows of drug testing. What are the rules? Who should be tested and when? Offered Tuesday at 1pm Inflatable Safety - MAH Consulting will also be conducting a seminar on INFLATABLE SAFETY. This 6 hour course and requires a registration fee. All interested persons are encouraged to pre-register with Phil Slaggert who can be reached at 561-758-3266. Upon completion, attendees will receive CEU from Old Dominion University. This course will be held on Wednesday February 7th at 10am. Raising the Bar on Ride Safety - Help Us Educate Children and Promote Your Event? Wednesday Feb. 7th, 2007 at10am Sponsored by the OABA. Presented by Patty Sullivan, President of Eli Bridge Co. & OABA Director. We hear too often about young children getting hurt on amusement rides as they panic, or do something they shouldn't to endanger themselves or others while riding on an amusement ride. Learn about this new educational program that's designed to promote amusement ride safety with elementary school children. The OABA board and others assisted Eli Bridge Company owner Patti Sullivan in developing this program and it's endorsed by AIMS, NAARSO, and IAAPA. Learn how you can help protect our most important asset - OUR CHILDREN. Dealing With Regulatory Inspectors - Sponsored by PLH Consulting. Join former ride owner and 3rd party inspector Ed LaSalle for a look at ride inspections from both perspectives. Learn what you need to be in compliance and strategies to help ease the inspection process. Offered Wednesday, February 7th at 1pm. Successful Game Operation for Today's Midway? - Wednesday Feb. 7th, 2007 at 3PM. ?Sponsored by the OABA. Presented by Tony Cassata and Marc Janas. Seminar will cover merchandising, game selection and operation issues for games for today's midway. The game business has changed drastically over the years; learn about the latest innovations and ideas to help make your business for attractive and profitable. Introduction To Midway Coordination - Sponsored by MAH Consulting. This 1 hour course and will cover topics such as midway layout and design, what to look for when evaluating the midway and simple tips to improve the bottom line. This course will be held on Thursday Feb. 8th at 11AM. ASTM STANDARDS - Sponsored by PLH Consulting. Ed LaSalle is a voting member of ASTM with years of industry experience. Learn what ASTM is, how it works and most importantly, how it affects the industry. Offered Thursday, Feb. 8th at 1pm NDT Testing - Sponsored by PLH Consulting. What are the types of NDT testing? What kind of company should I use for my testing? What should a good NDT report look like? Why is this so important? These and other questions about NDT will be answered in this informative talk. Offered Thursday, Feb 8th at 3pm. Operator Training - Sponsored by PLH Consulting. This course offers the basics in operator training: How to set up a training program, what should be included in the program and how to customize the program for your needs. Offered Friday, Feb. 9th at 11am. The Strategy of International Staffing - Sponsored by the OABA. Presented by Wayne Pierce, OABA General Counsel. Friday Feb. 9th at 1PM. Learn how to hire and manage international staff to solve your most pressing business needs. Learn your rights and obligations, as well as your employees'. Documentation - Sponsored by PLH Consulting. Companies are inundated with paperwork today. This course teaches you what documents are essential for training and safety. Learn what documents your insurance company, attorney and regulatory agencies want you to keep. Offered Friday, Feb. 9 @ 3pm. Fork Lift Certification Seminar - Sponsored by MAH Consulting. This seminar will be held on Saturday February 3rd at 11AM and Saturday Feb. 10th at 11AM. This is a 2 hour course and upon completion, the attendee will be presented with a certification. There is a cost of $50.00 per person for this course. OSHA and the Carnival Industry - Sponsored by PLH Consulting. Find out about OSHA and how this agency affects the business. Learn about the two principal areas of concerns for carnivals and how to best comply with these regulations. Offered Saturday, Feb. 10th at 1pm. ALL SEMINARS ARE HELD IN THE CAROUSEL PAVILION - TRADE SHOW BLDG. # 2 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. * = FEE REQUIRED

Tues 6th11a Truck and Fuel Seminar -- Karry Shephard
1pDrug Testing – PLH Consulting
Wed 7th10a* Inflatable Workshop -- MAH Consulting (BOARD ROOM above IISA office) 6hr course
10a"Raising the bar on Ride Safety" -- Sponsored by OABA 
12pTruck and FuelSeminar -- Karry Shephard
1pDealing with Regulatory Inspectors -- PLH Consulting
3p"Successful game operation for today's midway" -- Sponsored by OABA
Thurs 8th11a"Intro To Midway Coordination" -- MAH Consulting
1pASTM Standards Updates -- PLH Consulting
3pNDT Testing -- PLH Consulting
Fri 9th11a"Operator Training" -- PLH Consulting
1p"International Staffing" -- Sponsored by the OABA
3p"Documentation" -- PLH Consulting
Sat 10th11a* "Forklift Certification" -- MAH Consulting 2hr course for certification -- $50
1p"OSHA and the Carnival Industry" -- PLH Consulting

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