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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Showmen Supplies: European parts made readily available Exclusive North American distributor for both KMG and Fabbri
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

Showmen Supplies has long been known for getting folks what they need when they need it.  Adding European parts to the mix is just a logical extension of what they've been doing right along.

KMG Europe, BV
Back in February 2008, Showmen Supplies Vice President Scott Siefker issued a press release regarding an agreement between his company and KMG Europe, BV.  The companies agreed that "Showmen Supplies will act as the exclusive distributor of KMG amusement ride parts for all equipment operating in North America."

Showmen Supplies would not only "stock a substantial amount of KMG parts at their LaPorte headquarters," but would also "supply the operators of KMG rides as well as all KMG employees and contractors performing service work in North America."

KMG Europe, BV is headquartered in Neede, Netherlands.  The company's website states that  KMG specializes in "the manufacture of fun fair attractions that are easy to build up and to take down, that are as light as possible and that have been built according to the latest security demands."

KMG's rides include the following:  Freak Out, Speed, XXL, Fun Factory, Tango, Afterburner, X-Factory, Speed Buzz, High Swing, XLR8, Experience, Move It 32, Move It 24, Para Jump, Discovery, Tropical Trip, Swing It, Inversion, Mission Space and Sicko.

This partnership between Showmen Supplies and KMG has been working out exceedingly well for the past six years.  Brad Garza, Director of Marketing & Creative Services for Showmen Supplies, recently wrote, "Expanding our services to include ride parts is only a natural course of our focus on fulfilling customer needs." 

Garza further explained, "We particularly chose to be a distributor for European ride manufacturers because their location will often lead to delays in acquiring a part that is needed quickly.  Now, North American customers can greatly benefit from our location and have many parts readily available.  The specific logistics of our business will also allow us to combine a larger inventory with just-in-time resupplying to make sure ride owners experience minimal breaks in service."

He then concluded, "Our level of service to KMG ride owners has received a great deal of praise.  Working with KMG has been such a positive experience for our customers, KMG, and ourselves that it gave us the confidence to reach out to Fabbri."

Fabbri Group
Nestled in the northeast Italian village of Bergantino, the Fabbri Group has been dedicated "to the production of expertly handcrafted amusement rides since just after World War II."  In fact, so many of Bergantino's inhabitants have been involved with Fabbri that this corner of the world is now known as "The Village of the Ride."

And what a ride it's been!  The very first creation that Fabbri launched back in 1950 was called the AVIO ("Aeroplane Ride") because of its "vehicles rising up in the air."  Before long, the AVIO had evolved into the TELECOMBAT, complete with passengers in the air "shooting" at one another.   

Things just got more and more creative from then on.  Fabbri's creativity has only been matched by its "advanced technology, quality, [and] concern for safety."  The Fabbri Group's rides are now "exported not just to Europe but all over the world, from the Far East to Australia, from the USA to Central and South America."

Fabbri's rides include the following:  Telecombat, Tagada, Pirate Ship, Giant Wheels, Flying Carpet, Kamikaze, Evolution, Mega Drop, Booster, Free Fall Tower, Power Mouse, Smashing Jump, Project One Coaster, Classic Carousel, Top Swing, Magic Dance, River Rapids, Propeller, Pandemonium and Looney Looper.

Exclusive Agreement
An August 7, 2014 press release explains that "Showmen Supplies, a lighting and electrical products distributor for the amusement industry, has reached an agreement with the Fabbri Group, an Italian manufacturer of amusement rides, to be the exclusive distributor of Fabbri amusement ride parts for the United States and Canada."

Scott Siefker, Vice President of Showmen Supplies, had this to say:  "Because our core business already revolves around the logistics of component part supply, we felt we were ideally suited to managing a ride parts distributorship to service Fabbri ride owners."

Siefker further explained, "We have 48 years of customer service experience in the amusement industry.  This will be a great advantage to owners of Fabbri equipment whose business depends on having their rides in operation and not out of commission while they wait for shipments to arrive from Europe."

Thus far, response has been "very positive."  Mark Siefker, Vice President of Showmen Supplies, stated that some customers have already "shown a great deal of excitement about having a more local source for critical components."

The operational end of this new agreement is already well underway.  Scott Siefker explained, "We hit the ground running in July, and we're learning more and more about the Fabbri parts every day.  By the beginning of 2015, we'll have a substantial amount of these parts stocked right here, readily available for the U.S. and Canada."

"Our staff is becoming familiar with the Fabbri mechanical systems and learning the inner\ workings of these rides so that we can diagnose problems and help customers to accurately identify what parts they need."

"There are often parts in need of programming. Some of the more sophisticated electronic components require adjustments to be made for a specific application before the part ships out from here.  We do that for KMG items, and we will do that with Fabbri items too.

Scott Siefker estimates that "about 25 to 30 percent of traveling carnivals have some Fabbri equipment in their stables.  Because this is just a rough estimate, another of Siefker's goals is to  develop a "current and comprehensive list of Fabbri ride operators here in the U.S. and Canada."

In looking ahead, Siefker realistically assesses that there will be "lots of work to do."  He also asserts, "We're up for the challenge and will do a great job for our customers."  Those familiar with his company know this is so. 

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