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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
IAAPA Expo - Thursday highlights
New games from Bobs Space Racers; new LED module from
Friday, November 22, 2013
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

On the third day of the 2013 IAAPA Attractions Expo, we visited with Bob's Space Racers, one of the expo's largest exhibitors.  BSR had a large exhibit inside the convention center and also an exhibit outside the convention center in the outdoor display.

Company CEO, Glenda Cook was proud to announce some of the company's newest games including a 3 in 1 game trailer that has been very popular among rental companies.  "The customer is able to choose three games of their choice to fill the portioned trailer" described Cook.   The 3 in 1 trailer retails for $60,000 and was on display at the company's outdoor exhibit space.

BSR Jumpin MonkeysAt BSR's inside booth, the company's new Jumpin Monkey game received a lot of positive attention.  The concept which Cook helped develop, is a group game where contestants compete to see whose monkey can jump rope the most times.  "The game receives so much play each day, we actually have to move the counter back several feet each morning due to the customers hitting the button so many times" said Cook.  The floor model was sold prior to the show to a park in the middle east.

The Jumpin Monkeys can be built as a park or trailer model, and the company expects to sell several more before the end of the show. 

Other new games on display from BSR include several new themes for the company's popular duck pond game including the Penguin Pluck and Dolphin Dip.  Another relatively new game is their soccer game, which they recently built for Busch Gardens.

BSR primarily sells to Amusement Parks, Carnivals, and Family Entertainment Centers.  When developing new games, they try and streamline each game so that it can easily be adapted to each of the markets.

When asked about the show, company founder Bob Cassatta said "the show has been good so far.  We have seen a lot of our current customers and have some deals in the works". 

Mike Lane, CFO for BSR said the company sold several fishing games at the show and most of the floor models have already been sold.  The company's large water race, Whoppin Water, has had some interest and a deal is currently in the works with a carnival to purchase the piece.

Bob's Brother, Tony Cassatta, manages Cassatta Concessions, BSR's concession company that plays many large fairs throughout the US and Canada.  Such fairs include the Minnesota State Fair and the Canadian "A" Circuit with NAME.  Bobby Miles and Jennifer Hutchins are key components to the concession business with Bobby managing logistics and equipment maintenance and Jennifer overseeing the help and game presentation.

"We had a great season, both in Canada and the US", Cassatta said.  "The economy seems to be trending in the carnival business.  When we get the weather, we get paid" he added.  When asked about the top stock the company used, Cassatta replied:  "Minions, Minions, Minions...", referring to licensed stock from the hit animated movie, Despicable Me.

Tony couldn't give enough praise to the staff at the Calgary Stampeed and NAME's Tony Diaz and crew for the excellent job they did at getting the fairgrounds ready after a major flood in time for the fair to open.  "When we pulled in, I didn't think there was going to be a fair.  The entire grounds were covered in mud and water.   Crews worked day and night to get the fair ready for opening.  When the fair opened, we had a great run."

Wisdom RidesA few aisles down, Wisdom Rides was busy showcasing many of the company amusement ride offerings.  While they didn't have any rides on display, they had plenty of brochures and video playing showcasing their impressive line of amusement rides. 

One of the newest pieces, the Stampede, which is re-take on the concept of a one trailer Sky Wheel, (originally built by Watkins and named the Rampage), received some attention at the show.  Debuting last year in Gibtown, the company has sold one converted version of the ride to American Traveling Shows in California; a completely new model to Powers Great American Midways, dubbed the Stampede and another to Pride Amusements.

"It's not feasible to convert existing Watkins Rampage rides to the new version.  A lot of updates need to be made and it's much more worthwhile to build a new piece from scratch" said Mai Wisdom.  The Stampede is available as a two or three seat model for added capacity and features Wisdom's new LED lighting system.

Jared Davis of sells Wisdom ride parts, led bulbs, and their new RGB LED lighting system.  The new RGB system is fully programmable and features a simple design for easy installation.  "No complicated wiring or programming is required", said Davis.

The system uses different technology then what has been seen in the past.  Each module has three LED segments which can all be programmed individually.  The modules are longer then their competitors and when installed, are closer together making for a near solid row of lights.  The system requires a power transformer and a module to control the lights.  "Custom programming is available for the lights" added Davis.  The first ride to feature the new LED system was Corky Power's Stampede. 

Davis also mentioned that while they concentrate on Wisdom built pieces, they will also install LED systems on rides built by other manufacturers.

Matt McDonagh of Big Rock Amusements was busy on the show floor, looking for new elements to add to his show.  The company recently purchased a Sky Wheel from Smokey Mountain Amusements and is looking to upgrade the lighting on the ride.  "I am not sure if I will used LEDs or not", said McDonagh.  Recently, McDonagh added several new (used) rides to its growing arsenal including a Zamperla Speedway, Up Up & Away Balloon Race, a Wisdom Raider, among others.

Friday marks the final day of the 2013 edition of the IAAPA Expo and is when many buyers wrap up deals with suppliers.  Stay tuned for continued coverage.'s Coverage on the 2013 IAAPA Expo:
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