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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Frazier Shows Looks Forward To Strong Year
Show expecting delivery of new Freak Out this summer
Wednesday, June 5, 2013
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

Steve and Julie Broetsky own Frazier Shows, a carnival that operates ten to eleven months of the year. There are twenty-five rides and Steve Broetsky can quickly call them off: "There's the Experience, Vertigo, Pharoah's Fury, Ring of Fire, Hi-Lite Wheel, Cliffhanger, Zero Gravity, Sizzler, Starship 2000, Zipper, Crystal Lil Glasshouse, Wacky Shack Funhouse, 3 Abreast MGR, Funslide, Raiders, Dragon Wagon, Bear Affair, Speedway, Baja Buggy, Kiddie Swings, Elephants, Farm Train, Wave, Mickey Mouse Jump, and Tug Boat." Frazier Shows operates mostly as a one-unit show, splitting into two units three times a year.

Freak Out being built at KMG in the NetherlandsIn terms of new rides, a new KMG Freakout is expected in June of 2013. The show originally had ordered a KMG Speed last year, but decided to change their order to a Freak Out instead.

Frazier Shows' list of concerns are the same as other carnivals. Healthcare is an ongoing question for most shows, and  Mr. Broetsky said, "Like everyone [we're] waiting to see how it impacts companies of our size. Fuel! It is what it is, an occupational hazard."

In terms of routing, with little population density in the southwest, Mr. Broetsky said "we do the best we can."

Frazier Shows has a long list of accomplishments but Broetsky is most proud of his team members.  Some employees have been with the carnival for up to forty years while many others have passed the ten-year mark. All employees are housed either in RV's or bunkhouses.  These living arrangements help the company have little or no turnover.

Many of those employees are family. Mr. Broetsky said, "Our four kids are on the show, three with degrees, one on the way, four grandchildren...  what more could you want!" Family staff include wife Julie Brotesky as the office manager and food stand owner, Andrea Broetsky Tobias as a manager, and Ashley and Jan Broetsky assisting in office roles. Other key personnel include Ride Supervisors Terry Ennis and Larry Sloan, with Mrs. Barb Sloan handling ticket sales, Concession Managers Garry and Ginny Miller, Show Electrician Shannon Castill, Truck Mechanic George Raner, and DOT Compliance Corresponder Adam Schrum.

Frazier Shows is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with a ten acre repair facility in Eloy, Arizona.

Frazier Shows had its start thirty-five years ago by owner/operator Cecil Frazier.  The show was was purchased by the Broetsky family in 2001.  Broestky spent twenty-two years with Deggeller Attractions and his family was raised on the show. The Frazier Shows legacy continues with the Broetsky family at the helm.

Frazier Shows

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