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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
N.I.C.A selects Alta Mosley as Executive Director
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
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  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

Alta Mosley, a native Floridian from Fort Pierce, is the new Executive Director for the National Independent Concessionaires Association (N.I.C.A.),  headquartered in Brandon, Florida.  She was hired about a week before the IISA Trade Show in Gibsonton, FL.  Her background was the compelling reason for being selected.

She has been involved with the Fair Industry all of her life.  She remembers giving her first public talk at age 8 for a 4H demonstration about how to make banana nut muffins.  She captivated her audience.  Now when asked to give a speech she will tell you she does talks not speeches. She is on the IAFE's speaker's bureau where she will talk about "Providing Guest Services".  Alta is comfortable talking in front of any group and wants to make sure that the group interacts with her for the duration of the talk.  She wants them engaged in the conversation. 

This is the same attitude she brings to NICA.  She wants to engage the current members and potential members that are on the sideline watching.  Her plans include taking her office staff, including membership coordinator Jill Omell and Graphics & Marketing Kaitlyn Loos, out into the field for face to face meetings with current members so they can get to see and know the office staff in hopes of building better relationships.  Ms Mosley wants to engage the membership and communicate the message that NICA is here to serve its members, that NICA is here as a true support system.  "If a Fair needs a good concessionaire for their event then NICA wants to send them a list of quality member concessionaires for the fair to choose from.  If the concessionaire needs help then NICA will be there to help in any way they can.  Alta's message will also speak to the NICA mission statement:

"Dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival and Special Events Industries through effective communication, benefits, leadership and solutions"

"Concessionaires are VERY IMPORTANT to the success of the fair."  Alta is a fierce defender of the concession industry which she learned through a lifetime of involvement with fairs.  She began her fair career as a volunteer when she worked for Riverside Bank.  She wound up sitting on the board of the St. Lucie County Fair for a few years; served as treasurer for 3 years and president for 3 years. She was there when  Rick Vymlatil was the manager and then Jeanne Keaton was hired after Rick went to the South Florida Fair.  Alta said "those are the only two managers that fair ever had" She then thought that she would love to try running a fair.  She met some of the Directors of SW Florida Lee County Fair and the next thing she knew she was being hired as the SW Florida Lee County Fair Manager.  She, with the help of a lot of people, was asked to take that fair apart and totally rebuild the internal culture.  Being involved with a great group of people to accomplish the rebuilding process was one of her proudest professional moments.

Alta is quick to tell you that without great people surrounding you, you can not accomplish your goals with a high degree of quality.  She credits her peers, associates and colleagues for her successes.  Alta spent 14 years with the SW Florida Lee County Fair. When asked if there was anything else that she could point to that helped create success for her,  her response was "...only thing I can tell you is that I have good vision".   Being a visionary is important in any leadership position and she thinks this can be a real asset in her new Executive Director  position.

Mosley took a short year and half break from the fair industry when she left the fair to take over the management and event booking responsibilities for Okeechobee County as the Agri-Civic Center Director.  She thought the timing was perfect for a return to the business with the NICA position.  She believes that through this job she can make a positive impact on the industry. 

Mosley acknowledges today's challenges and is already busy at work trying to help with the current major personnel and labor challenge within the entire mobile amusement industry.  These challenges include the H2B & J1 federal programs that are currently under attack by the DOL.  NICA and the OABA are working on this as a partnership as are many other affected industries.
Mosley has set a goal to develop better communication with fairs as well as fostering better relations between fairs and concessionaires by providing partnerships and exploring more reasonable deposit and concession rental policies with the fairs.

In the past ten years Mosley has seen many changes in the concession industry.  The obvious negative changes are associated with higher expenses due to increased federal and state regulations, DOT rules, higher labor costs and fuel prices.

On the positive side, Mosley said that the industry has become much more concerned with running an efficient business, being professional and improving the overall appearance of the concession stands, both inside and out.  Understanding the business implications of  these changes and using  the new technology available to them will make a positive impact on their revenue. This is all part of the her strategy for forwarding the NICA mission and her sincere interest in improving the well-being, respect and perception of the concessionaire.

Click here for more information about N.I.C.A (National Independent Concessionaries Association)

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