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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
2010 National Orange Show Hilights
Ray Cammack Shows provides new midway
Monday, June 21, 2010
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

This year's National Orange Show in San Bernardino had a new look.  Providing the midway for the first time was the Laveen, Arizona-based Ray Cammack Shows, taking over from Helm And Sons Amusements. Ray Cammack Shows is best known for playing larger events such as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, San Diego County Fair, Orange County Fair, Los Angeles County Fair, and the Arizona State Fair. Last season, due to the extended runs of the Orange and Los Angeles County Fairs, RCS gave up the California State Fair which was played by Fairfield, California-based Butler Amusements. RCS picked up the  Antelope Valley Fair in Lancaster to fill their open date.  After the National Orange Shows, RCS provides rides and concessions for the independent midway at the San Diego County Fair.

For the opening day, everything was one dollar including parking, gate admission, selected food items, and carnival rides. The dollar promotion was certainly worth the price of admission to ride RCS's  Remix II or the show's Grand Wheel. 

Other days featured $12 wristbands for unlimited riding during selected house.  RCS' Kroon BV Grand Wheel towers above the midway at 114 feet. The ride itself is normally eight tickets so it was very popular during the wristband times. A ride on the Grand Wheel, is an exhilarating experience, giving a great view of the entire midway at a slow and steady pace.

Another popular ride is RCS' Tivoli Remix ll, a scaled down version of the original Remix with single trailer portability. The Remix ll, spinning at 26 RPM, is similar to an Eli Bridge Scrambler with the seats tilting out via hydraulics. With the ride's high speeds and the tilting seats, the Remix ll gives a great experience for the rider similar to the original Remix. It is not a ride to experience on a full stomach.

Another interesting ride on the midway was the KMG Experience. A completely different riding experience than the Remix ll, the Experience spins riders on three axles, flipping them upside down while the arms are 20 feet in the air.

Another old favorite for this reporter is the Hi Miler Coaster.  This coaster is over twenty-five years old and has one heck of an airtime experience. The Experience and Hi Miler are a must if you are fan of thrill rides.

Zero Gravity, built by Dartron Rides, is a modernized version of the Hrubetz Round Up. Sticking up against wall as the cylinder vertically rises slowly gave somewhat of the exact same feeling felt on a KMG Fireball without the swinging.

In addition to the rides, Dollar Day at the National Orange Show offered many tempting treats, albeit with a smaller portion, for just a dollar. One deal that couldn't be ignored was the dollar corn dogs.  Though they weresmaller, they packed a delicious taste. There were all kinds of fair food such as deep fried candy bars, oreos, pizza, corn dogs, churros, and fresh squeezed lemonade that is served from huge lemon kiosks brought in by RCS. Even beer was sold for a dollar with the promotion.
Tony Fiori, the director of media and marketing for Ray Cammack Shows, said he they were delighted to be RCS become the new midway provider for the National Orange Show.  "We had the opportunity to actually do the event from fence to fence, which means we're controlling the whole event. That was intriguing to us and inviting to us. This is the first time we ever had that opportunity to do something like that and we see a trend in the industry where that will be happening more and more. So we wanted to be able to experiment with it."

Despite producing the event from fence to fence, RCS also participates in independent midways such as the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar.  Asked why San Diego County was not using one midway provider Fiori said, "San Diego County Fair chooses to be an independent midway, that's their choice. They've been independent for many, many years and that's their choice for having a midway."  

Fiori said the show acquired a new Disk'O ride for the 2010 season, another new, unique piece for RCS.  He said the show was looking at a few other pieces for possible purchase in the near future.

The four-day National Orange Show ran from May 27th until May 31st, 2010.

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