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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Plenty of things to see and do at IAAPA in Vegas
Rides-4U shows off impressive LED lighting packages
Thursday, November 19, 2009
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

Large crowds generating surprisingly strong sales was the order of the day at the IAAPA Expo on day two.  Crowds from both the U.S and overseas seemed to be spending on equipment both large and small.

Jeff Pugh, representing Ital International, U.S representative for SBF rides said traffic was "really good" and he had several deals pending. He said traffic was about evenly split between U.S. and foreign customers.

Ital International was promoting their new Technical Park rides, one similar to the Street Fighter that now makes a full 360 degree loop and a second ride called the Loop Fighter that also makes the full 360 degree loop but the cars also swing during the looping motion.  Carlo Guglielmi, Chief Manager of Ital, said the ride has been sold in Europe and they were looking for their first U.S. customer.

Guglielmi was especially excited about a new offering from manufacturer AOS, a two-trailer portable spinning coaster.  He said the small coaster was going to be a big hit with carnivals and small parks due to the ride,s easy portability on two trailers.

There are two models of the coaster, the first is 64, x 40 and the second is 70, x 42,.  The ride runs trains instead of individual cars.

Several park models are currently running in Europe and South America and Guglielmi was working on deals for the first U.S. model.  The ride will sell in the $500,000 range. 

A third ride selling well for Ital is the Aviator, a suspended airplane ride that has an interactive element.  Riders are able to shoot their gun at center targets with either the use of a laser or water.

Guglielmi, who speaks four languages, Spanish, Italian, French and "a little English" was very optimistic about traffic and sales for the show.

"I just sold the Puppy Love ride to Beauce Carnival", said Rides 4-U President Len Soled to V.P. Nancy Buckley as she spoke with another customer.  Soled,s booth was filled with buyers and potential buyers as they looked at the new and used rides offered by his company. 

On display was the new SBF Drop N, Twist Tower which stands 38, tall and seats twelve at a time.  The ride was very popular with trade show participants and Buckley said the drop action combined with the slow spinning motion was going to make the ride a big hit.  Rides-4-U was offering the ride at a show special of $250,000 for park models.  Trailer mounted versions start at $299,000.

Another new offering for SBF is the Fly Over.  The ride has two kamikze-like arms with each boat seating 12 people who sit sideways.  The boats themselves then tilt back and forth as the ride swings up and down.

Buckley also predicted the "Puppy Love" kiddie ride would be a big hit with shows and parks alike.  The newly themed kiddie boat ride in the shape of a loveable dog gently swings riders back and forth.  Selling for around $64,000, the ride is an affordably priced attraction for smaller parks and carnivals.

Perhaps the most exciting new product from Rides-4-U is their new L.E.D. light packages.  Imported from China, the modules are made with waterproof casings and come with a two-year warranty.  Supplies are kept at the Rides-4-U headquarters in N.J. for efficient client servicing.

Buckley said the lights are extremely fuel-efficient and can save the operator thousand of dollars.  There are "an infinite" number of patterns and displays for the lights. 

At the outdoor showcase, Butler Amusement,s Giant Wheel is on display with a light package sold by Rides-4-U.  The wheel was a hit at the Wednesday night OABA reception where Soled passed out samples of his L.E.D. lanyards to promote his new light products.

Larry Yaffe of Firestone Financial said his firm was providing financing to several shows to replace their old lights with the new L.E.D. models.  Currently Rides 4-U has outfitted the Ferris Wheel at Fun Spot, Orlando, FL, PBJ Happee Days Shows, wheel, Helms and Sons, Century Wheel, an ARM Drop Tower for Delgrosso,s Amusement Park, a Paratrooper for Funland in DE, an ARM Ali Baba for Dreamland Amusements, a Eli Hi-5 for Amusements of America, Chance Giant Wheel for Reithoffer Shows, Playland Park, a second wheel for Butler Amusements and two projects for Power,s Great American; a Mulligan Wheel and Zierer Wave Swinger.

Another happy ride manufacturer at the show was Alfeo Moser of Moser Rides.  He had two rides on display, a Gyro Loop and a Jungle Zone/Sidewinder.

Moser said as soon as the show opened on Tuesday, West Edmonton Mall purchased two rides, the Sidewinder/Jungle Zone and a Musik Express.  Not long after, Palace Entertainment purchased two Gyro Loops to add to the two loops the company is currently operating.

The Gyro Loop on display seats two and the car spins over top as the ride rises in the air.  Like many Moser rides, the ride can be produced in many different sizes from 2 to 40 seats with heights up to 60 feet. 

The Maverick, the 21-seat version has been very popular and a 32-seat version has recently been sold that also has a twisting motion for the boat.

The Sidewinder/Jungle-Zone is another ride with many sizes.  On display at the show is the 12-seat version and the ride can range from 8 seats on up and reach heights of 80 feet.  The ride is available in both park and transportable models and the mobile model moves on just one truck.

In 2010 Moser will deliver the spectacular new "Adventure Ride" to Prater Park in Vienna, Austria.  The ride is themed like a Giant Squid with two long tentacles that hold a tour boat at the bottom of a waterfall.  The squid,s arms then slowly raise the boat high in the air with the boat swaying back and forth and rotating top to bottom. 

Vibrating seats add an extra-exciting twist as the monster shakes the boat in the air.

A second new ride for Moser in 2010 is the African Jungle Lift.  The first will be delivered to Indonesia.  Two cables lift each side of the tub in a jerky motion.  The boat twists and spins as it if lifted.  Future models will be able to make a complete 360-degree spin. 

Moser was "very, very happy, with traffic at the trade show and he was looking forward to exhibiting at the Gibsonton Show in February.

Another interesting booth at the show is the Parking Locator.  The company has an iphone application which helps customers locate their car at large parking lots.  By pinpointing your location when you park, your phone can then lead you back to your parking space without the hassle of searching for you car. 

Other products offered by the company are tear cards for guests to remind themselves where their car is located and a texting service with signs around the parking lot.  When you use the service, they text you a reminder of where your car is located at the end of the event or visit.

Parking Locator has several solutions for amusement parks, fairs and events to help with a common problem, locating your car at the end of the day.

SBF Roto Drop Tower - sold by Rides 4U.

New Vertigo Swing ride from ARM

The Vertigo is a new one trailer spectacular piece. Currently owned by Powers Great American Midways with a second going to S&S Amusements in PA.

Vertigo Video:


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