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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Monday, December 31, 2007
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  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

The carnivals playing the Top 50 fairs remained largely the same in 2007 as 2006. The top three, North American Midway Entertainment (NAME) , Ray Cammack Shows (RCS) and Wade Shows all stayed in the same position. #1 NAME had a combined attendance from 10 events of 8,342,229, down from almost 8.8 million at 11 events in '06. This was caused by the Mid-South Fair dropping from the Top 50 Fair list this year. RCS was also down slightly with a combined attendance from 5 events of 6,215,099. RCS retained the same number of Top 50 events but the CA State Fair was made shorter this year, affecting RCS's attendance. Rounding out the top three, Wade Shows was up slightly with 3,261,467 from 4 events up from a 2006 total of 3,121,578 from the same four events. Strates Shows moved up two places to take the #4 spot this year with a combined total attendance of 2,316,470 from 3 events. The Dixie Classic Fair, a Strates event, debuted in the Top 50 in 2007 and helped boost their count. Just behind Strates was Murphy Brother's Expositions with a combined attendance of 2,234,372 from 3 events. This total was down only slightly from 2006. Reithoffer Shows moved up one place to #6 with good attendance figures from the York Fair, the Georgia National Fair, the Bloomsburg Fair and the Pensacola Interstate Fair. Falling to #8, Mighty Bluegrass Shows was hurt by the Greater Jacksonville Fair falling from the Top 50 Fair list this year. Bluegrass fell from #5 to #8 as a result. Deggeller Attractions again gained the #12 position with two events but The MD State Fair made the list this year while the Salem Free Fair fell from the Top 50 list. Carnivals #13 and #14 from 2006 switched places with Power's Great American beating out Amusements Of America with a great showing from the North Carolina State Fair, while AOA's Ohio State Fair was down slightly. Look for Powers to move up the list next year with the addition of the Allentown Fair contract, another perennial Top 50 Fair, secured for 2008. Finally, two new additions made the list for the fist time. Playworld Amusements had an attendance of 406,890 at the Ionia Free Fair, ranking them #19 on the list this year. Lowery Carnival, ranked #20 with an attendance of 405,738 also made the list for the first time with the State Fair Of Louisiana. The top carnivals playing the top 50 fairs include: 1. North American Midway Ent. - W. Hollywood, CA Total Attendance: 8,342,229 - 10 events: CNE, Calgary Stampede, Big E, IN State Fair, IL State Fair, Capital EX, Miami Dade County Fair, MS State Fair, KY State Fair, SC State Fair 2. Ray Cammack Shows - Laveen, AZ Total Attendance: 6,215,099 - 5 events: Houston Livestock Show, LA County Fair, AZ State Fair, CA State Fair, Orange County Fair 3. Wade Shows - Spring Hill, FL Total Attendance: 3,261,467 - 4 events: San Antonio Livestock Show, OK State Fair, South Florida Fair, NM State Fair (w/ Murphy Bros.) 4. Strates Shows - Orlando, FL Total Attendance: 2,316,470 - 3 events: Erie County Fair, NY State Fair, Dixie Classic Fair 5. Murphy Brothers Exposition - Tulsa, OK Total Attendance: 2,234,372 - 3 events: Tulsa State Fair, WI State Fair, NM State Fair (w/ Wade Shows) 6. Reithoffer Shows - Gibsonton, FL Total Attendance: 1,880,211 - 4 events: York Fair, Georgia National Fair, Bloomsburg Fair, Pensacola Fair 7. Mighty Bluegrass Shows - Tampa, FL Total Attendance: 1,552,464 - 2 events: IA State Fair, FL Strawberry Festival 8. Butler Amusements - Fairfield, CA Total Attendance: 1,268,688 - 2 events: Evergreen State Fair, Kern County Fair 9. Funtastic Shows - Portland, OR Total Attendance: 1,182,937 - 1 event: Western Washington Fair 10. West Coast Amusements - Langley, BC (Canada) Total Attendance: 906,808 - 1 event: Pacific National Exhibition 11. Talley Amusements - Fort Worth, TX Total Attendance: 975,300 - 1 event: Southwest Exposition & Stock Show 12. Deggeller Attractions - Stuart, FL Total Attendance: 858,993 - 2 events: AR State Fair, MD State Fair 13. Power's Great American Midways - Burgaw, NC Total Attendance: 858,611 - 1 event: NC State Fair 14. Amusements of America - Englishtown, NJ Total Attendance: 806,301 - 1 event: OH State Fair 15. S&S Amusements - Jermyn, PA Total Attendance: 585,000 - 1 event: Allentown Fair 16. Shamrock Shows - Fontana, CA Total Attendance: 548,424 - 1 event: Big Frenso Fair 17. Crabtree Amusements - Staples, TX Total Attendance: 485,038 - 1 event: Colorado State Fair 18. Bill Hames Shows - Fort Worth, TX Total Attendance: 445,000 - 1 event: Greeley Independence Stampede 19. Playworld Amusements - Alma, MI Total Attendance: 406,890 - 1 event: Ionia Free Fair 20. Lowery Carnival Company - Gulf Shores, AL Total Attendance: 405,738 - 1 event: State Fair Of Louisiana

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