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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
CPM Bringing Biggest Teen Stars to Fairs in 2018
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

Celebrity Placement Marketing aims to fill a much needed role in the fair community. As the cost of large concerts and crowd-drawing entertainers increases, there is a need for affordable, buzz-creating, family-friendly entertainment.

Michael Gold, President and CEO of Celebrity Placement Marketing, is looking forward to bringing his celebrity connections and marketing expertise to the fair industry. "I absolutely love the fair industry, especially for one of our most popular products, Teen Stars Live, which features current Disney and Nickelodeon celebrities," says Gold. So far, the show has been to many major amusement parks such as Sea World and Busch Gardens but Gold feels that the show would work even better with a fair model. "The return on investment (ROI) is so much higher with a show like Teen Stars Live or a celebrity appearance than it is with a band," says Gold. 

A second show, custom made for fairs, is rolling out in 2018. The State Fair Dance Championships, featuring the stars of Dance Moms, will combine a traditional Fair activity, a dance competition, and marry it with celebrity judges enormously popular with teens and pre-teens. 

"Dance Moms is one of the hottest shows on television and has produced some blockbuster stars", said Gold. "We saw a great opportunity here to marry these two great elements into an activity that is community -based yet has great star power", he added. 

The inaugural production of the Competition will be at the Florida State Fair in February and there has been a lot of interest from other events.

While a band or entertainer comes to the fair, sets up, and plays just one show, celebrity appearances or shows like Teen Stars Live and the State Fair Dance Championships can be featured at the fair for multiple days at a much lower price. 

In addition, promotion for the appearances or shows reach a much larger audience as celebrities record videos and send messages out over their own social media accounts to reach fans and create buzz surrounding the event. When promoted properly, celebrity appearances can create months-long awareness. "It's something fresh and new; it gives people a reason to come out to your fair," says Gold. Many events have used Teen Stars Live to create contests in order to engage with local media and the greater community. Gold recalls competitions to become the opening act for Teen Stars Live or to become "reporter for the day" at a local tv station and interview all the celebrities. 

Working with Celebrity Placement Marketing, says Gold give the event access to marketing opportunities you just can't get anywhere else.

Celebrity Placement Marketing can act as a kind of "matchmaker" for the event. Whatever needs the fair has, whatever demographic they are trying to reach, Celebrity Placement Marketing can match a celebrity and an appearance package or show to meet the needs. "We have a conversation with a fair about who they want to reach and then we research and let you know which celebrities and what kind of event will match your key demographic," says Gold. 

Additionally, a Celebrity Placement Marketing event is price flexible; they can make a custom entertainment package for any budget. "These shows are not a 'one size fits all' for everybody. We want to create the perfect appearance and package for your event that will draw crowds and help the fair be that much more successful," says Gold. 

Dealing with agents and celebrities and trying to negotiate prices can be a difficult thing to manage; Celebrity Placement Marketing has relationships with all different types of celebrities: teen stars, film actors, celebrity chefs, reality tv stars, fashion and style experts, nostalgic tv icons, social media influencers, athletes, comedians, home improvement stars, and Olympians. 

"Since we have relationships with these celebrities we know how to negotiate and get a good price for your event. We take care of the whole thing from A to Z," says Gold. 

Celebrity Placement Marketing assists events with marketing materials and advertising featuring the celebrities. "We're involved in the whole process; we assist with promotion, make sure the shows or appearances go smoothly, and have a post-show evaluation," says Gold.

Michael Gold, accompanied by some current Disney stars, will be at the IAFE trade show in Las Vegas at booth 221 to speak to fair officials about celebrity entertainment for upcoming fairs.

You can meet Trinitee ,Stokes who plays Judy on Disney's KC Undercover on Monday in booth 221 and Kevin Quinn, Xander from Disney's Bunk'd on Tuesday.

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