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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
2017 IISF Trade Show Comes to a Close Saturday
Show ends with plenty to look forward to in 2017
Monday, February 13, 2017
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
  • Rides 4U - New & Used Rides

The final day of the IISF Trade Show, Saturday, February 11th, was another beautiful day in Central Florida.  Saturday has traditionally been a lightly attended day at the show and this year was no exception.  Some scurried about to completed last minute deals as vendors began packing up early and starting to make their way home.

Rides 4U
Len Soled of Rides 4U has been a consistent supporter of the trade show.  Soled is one of many exhibitors pushing for the show to be reduced to 4 days.  The 4th day, Friday, has been slow and Saturday has been reduced to almost nothing according to the trade show veteran.  "We want to keep everything rolling.  We love the show and will continue to support it," said Soled.

"We probably sold half a dozen rides here at the show and saw 50 - 60 carnivals here," said Soled of his 2017 experience. 

Some of the purchases for 2017 included Heart of America Shows with a mini pirate jet.  Hammerel Shows of  Buffalo bought a Drop N' Twist.  A Groovy Bus was sold to Amusements Spectacular in Montreal, Canada. Rides 4U sold two Compact Spinning Coasters, one to Pigeon Forge and a second to Put Put (an FEC) in Texas.  There was also a mini pirate ship themed Puppy Love to Classic Amusements in California.

In other Rides 4U news, Soled reported that KMG was sold out through 2018 for new purchases.  Jamie Skerbeck of Skerbeck Entertainment Group bought a Speed for 2018 delivery and added a lot of bells and whistles including a dog house and additional lighting.  "The ride will feature the most deluxe light package I have ever seen," enthused Soled. 

Late last year, Rides 4U sold a Giant Slide built by SBF to the Florida State Fair to replace a ride that was damaged in a storm.  The ride was originally purchased for the Super Bowl in New York.  The 8 lane slide is 70 feet tall and has a spectacular LED lighting package.  The ride will be managed by Wade Shows and it made its debut this year.

Rides 4U is also working on a  new trailer-mounted version of their SBF Wave Rider that debuted at IAAPA as a park model.  They believe the trailer-mounted version will do very well for US carnivals.

"It was a great show overall," said Soled. "We saw a lot of good quality people," he added.

Chestnut Identity Apparel
In addition to their clothing line, Chestnut is now selling bumper cars made in China.  Cars will have a full bar with a lap belt and an auto stop.  When you get bumped the cars can slow down to prevent whiplash.   The ride will feature cones with a led package on the bottom of the cars. The cars will be delivered to the west coast from China for under $4,000 per car.  

Already, Butler Amusements, Hildebrand Rides and Reithoffer Shows are using the cars. "It's a tested and proven car," said Jon Chestnut.

Chesnut said the show has been very solid this year and that the company will be going home with a lot of orders from its apparel lines.

Ital International
Ital had the distinction of being the only company to have a booth both inside and outside at the trade show.  The two locations made for a lot of running around, but all in all they had a successful show.  He thinks he may have missed some used ride sales from being outside and not inside.

Speaking of Sales Guglielmi had a floor model Technical Park wheel on display at the show.  He sold the piece to Pam Casper of PBJ Happee Day Shows.  He also has another contract for a May delivery to a second show.  The deal isn't fully finalized so the name can't be divulged at this time but the ride will leave the factory at the end of April.

Guglielmi said traffic was relatively light for the show in his opinion but he may have missed some customers while transitioning between the two sales areas.

Ital sold a one trailer mid-sized Wave Swinger from Bertazzon to Kevin Tate of California Carnival Company and a full sized single trailer model to Gilette Shows.  A Bertazzon Matterhorn was sold used to Bill Prescott in Myrte Beach.  He will also be delivering a new Zyklon style roller coaster to NAME,  The ride just arrived in port in the US.  A second coaster is being delivered from Eurpoe to Santa's Village in East Dundee, IL.  A third coaster, also a Zyklon, will be delivered in September to another carnival that can't yet be divulged. 

Two Street Fighter Revolutions are on their way from Italy, also sold by Ital.  The first one goes to Mark Fanelli and the other one will be going to Mike Featherstone of Gold Star Amusements.  Another undisclosed carnival bought a used Street Fighter through Ital from Europe. 

Speaking of wheels, Guglielmi's company will be beginning assembly of a 40m wheel at Casino Pier in NJ in three weeks.  Construction of a huge 55 meter wheel in Atlantic City will finally begin in a few months.  The ride has been sitting for a year and couldn't be installed because of issues with permits.  The ride will be a luxury tourist-type attraction and each gondola will be air-conditioned.

Luna Park
Finally, Luna Park also had a successful run at the trade show with several sales.  The company sold three children's carousels and a 3 Ferris Wheels.

The carousels went to Frazier Shows of Arizona, Mike Newton of Newton Shows in New York and Schmidt Amusements.  The Ferris Wheels were sold to Jack Jeffrey of Texas Born Amusements, Dwayne and Rodney James of James Gang Amusements and DC Lynch Shows of Nebraska.

The 2017 IISF Trade Show brought new rides, bigger exhibits and lots for the potential buyer to see.  If the mood at the trade show holds for the season, 2017 should be very successful.

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