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IAAPA Expo 2015: Wednesday Highlights
Rides 4-U introduces Triple Spinning Coaster; Chance offers new Zipper tub design


By Matt Cook

Rides 4U - NEW AND USED RIDES Farrow Finance Rides 4U - LED LIGHTING PACKAGES Farrow Finance
The second day of the 2015 IAAPA Expo featured an increase in trade show traffic from opening day.  The trade show opened at 10am to sparse crowds, but the show floor quickly filled up throughout the day. 

Rides 4-U
One of the largest trade show booths belonged to Len Soled's New Jersey based Rides 4-U.  Rides 4-U occupied a large space inside the trade show building and additional space in the outdoor exhibit area.  Inside, Rides 4-U showcased a new compact spinning roller coaster from SBF/Visa called the Triple Spinner Coaster.  The Triple Spinning Coaster is a slightly larger version of the Compact Spinning Coaster that was on display at the 2013 and 2014 trade shows.  Compared to the Compact Spinning Coaster, the Triple Spinning Coaster features a larger track layout with three spirals compared to two on the compact version.  Due to its size, the Triple spinning Coaster is only available as a park model, however the smaller Compact Spinning Coaster is available as both a portable model mounted on a road legal 53ft trailer and also a permanent park model.  The first Triple was sold to Beach Bend Amusement Park in Bolingreen, Kentucky.  

Outside, Rides 4-U showcased a racked version of the Compact Spinning Coaster, which is being delivered to New England based Fiesta Shows.  Soled reported "We have a few more coaster deals in the works, but nothing set in stone yet.  So far, the show has been very strong".

Another new piece on display is an interactive family ride called the Drift Race, also built by SBF/Visa.  The Drift Race is a larger version of the classic Eyerly Midge-O-Racer, but features full size cars that adults can fit in comfortably.  One rider in the car can steer the back wheels and make the car kick out as it rounds the circular track.  The other rider can shoot at targets on the back of the ride vehicles.  Riders know who won each ride by the four indicator lights in the middle of the ride.  The Drift Race on display is built as ground model; however, Soled reports that a portable version is in the works.

Company sales representative Peter Theunisz was busy meeting with existing clients about upcoming ride deliveries and new prospective clients on future ride sales, but had no IAAPA related sales to report as of Wednesday morning.  Theunisz, however, was happy to announce a handful of orders that were placed prior to the show.  Among the US carnival purchases was an X-Factory, purchased by Mike Demas with a delivery date slated just before the Minnesota State fair during August of 2016.  Demas' X-Factory will mark the second X-Factory in the US, with the first being owned by Drew Exposition.  Other upcoming deliveries include an Inversion to Peachtree Rides with a May of 2017 delivery; a Fireball/Afterburner being delivered to Talley Amusements in December of 2016; an Inversion to Crescent City Amusements in September of 2016; and a Fireball/Afterburner that was sold during 2015 Gibtown Trade Show to Deggeller Attractions.

Theunisz, who also represents Lamberink BV, a Dutch Giant Wheel manufacturer, reported that the company is currently building a prototype of a 60 meter Giant Dutch Wheel, with the possibility of one being sold to the USA in the near future.  Lamberink is scheduled to deliver its first 40 meter wheel in North America to Ray Cammack Shows this December.

Chance Rides
Jeff Miller was on hand at the Chance Rides booth and was busy working on deals with several show owners.  Miller was particularly excited about a new seat kit for its popular Zipper that features an open air design.  Riders are secured in the open face / open top tub using two over the shoulder restraints.  There will be a divider in the seat, which would allow a single rider to ride safely as compared to older Zippers which carry a strict no-single rider policy.  "This will be a totally different ride experience," said Miller.  "The Zipper has been along for so long and we have a lot of them out there, so we were looking for a way to give an old classic a new identity and deliver a different ride experience to the riders," Miller said of the new design.

Chance will be offering a rebuilding service for existing Zippers to make them like new again.  They will give owners the option to add LEDs, install the new open air seat kit, and or install the new segmented cable design, etc.

Chance is also offering a new 16 seat version of its Freestyle ride, which is similar to a Wipeout/Trabant with outward facing seats.  The 16 seat version is billed as an economic version of the popular 24 seat ride for under $600,000.  "Buyers will get a ride with a full deck, LED package, but with a reduced capacity," said Miller.  
Two of the company's most popular rides, the Century Wheel and Pharaoh's Fury, may have resurgence into the portable market.  Miller announced that they have some interest in building the pieces, but if they could build two at a time, they would be able to pass some savings onto the buyers.  "It's much cheaper for us to build two of any rides at one time compared to just one," said Miller.

A new portable ride concept may be on the horizon for Chance.  Miller was not yet able to divulge details of the new ride, but said it will be a new ride based on their existing Yo Yo design. 

Testing will be underway in 2016 and the company hopes to introduce the ride to the market in 2017.  The new piece, dubbed "Flyer", will be priced affordably in the $500,000 range.

Keep posted to MCW for continued coverage on the 2015 IAAPA Attractions Expo.

2015 IAAPA Expo Coverage
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