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By Matt Cook

Photo courtesy of N.C.S.F.

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Raleigh -- After a year of controversy about ride openings, MCW has received the official data from the North Carolina State Fair about ride openings for 2006. Out of a total of 109 rides, only 6 did not open, 3 kiddies and 3 spectaculars. At least one additional kiddie ride opened later in the day. These numbers more than satisfied the contracts 93 ride requirement. There were 38 kiddies, 35 majors (100%) and 30 spectaculars for a total of 103 rides open on Friday, October 13th at contract deadline. Listed below is the ride list, by category, and the rides that did not make opening by contract deadline. MCW will be filing a full report on the fair sometime next week. Our thanks to Wesley Wyatt and his staff for the up to date information.

The following Kiddie Rides made opening as per the contract.

1. San AntonioPhoto By N.C.S.F. Mgr.
2. Traffic Jam
3. Construction Zone
4. Fire Chief
5. Jalopy Junction
6. Quadzilla
7. Slide
8. Speedway
9. Tea Cups
10. Uncle Al
11. Wacky Worm
12. Slide
13. Dizzy Dragons
14. Hampton Combo
15. Hampton Cycles
16. Jet Skis
17. Orient Express
18. Peter Paul
19. Rainbow Rock
20. Circus Train
21. Elephant Tower
22. Berry Go Round
23. Circus Train (2)
24. Wacky Worm (2)
25. Dragon Wagon
26. Jalopy Junction (2)
27. Lolly Pop Swing
28. Up Up and Away
29. Granny Bug
30. Dumbo Jets
31. Tea Cups
32. 4X4 Venture
33. Mario Land
34. Crazy Tug
35. Kids Play land
36. Land Slide
37. Wacky Shack
38. Bee Bops


The following Kiddie Rides are not on line as of 10/13/06 6:00 PM

Jumpin Star
Crazy Submarine
Silver Streak

The following Major Rides made opening as per the contract.

1. Chance Mgr
2. Spider
3. Zero Gravity
4. Tilt A Whirl
5. Starship 2000
6. Tornado
7. Zipper
8. Bumper Cars
9. Cuckoo Haus Fun House
10. Mardi Gras Glass House
11. Haunted Mansion Dark Ride
12. Cliff Hanger
13. Hurricane
14. Large Slide
15. Chance (3) Abrest Mgr
16. Tilt A Whirl (2)
17. Sizzler (2)
18. Medium Scooter
19. Zipper (2)
20. Cliff Hanger (2)
21. Eli Eagle 16 Wheel
22. YoYo
23. Zombie Dark Ride
24. Fun Zone
25. Mardi Gras
26. Bumper Boats
27. Rok NíRoll
28. Ghoul City Dark Ride
29. Fun House
30. Scat
31. Hollywood Fun House
32. Starship 3000
33. Rockwall
34. Rockwall
35. Bungee

All Major Rides are on line as of opening.

The following Spectacular Rides made opening as per the contract.

1. Claw
2. Wave Swinger
3. Twister
4. Flying Bobs
5. Musik Express
6. Super Shot
7. Orbiter
8. Ring O Fire
9. Gondola Wheel
10. Full Tilt
11. 1001 Nachts
12. 100í Scooter
13. Ring O Fire (2)
14. Giant Gondola Wheel
15. Wisdon Himalaya
16. Flume Ride
17. Enterprise
18. Rainbow
19. Mega Drop
20. Fire Ball
21. Orbiter
22. Turbo Force
23. Avalanch Coaster
24. Crazy Mouse Spin Coaster
25. Hang 10
26. Flying Bobs
27. Street Fighter
28. Gondola Wheel
29. Disco
30. Giant Wheel

The following Spectacular Rides are not on line as of 10/13/06 6:00 PM

Sky Master
Space Loop
Thunder Bolt

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