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Trade Show Preview Part 1
Three big new North American ride debuts


By Ron Weber, Editor

Photo courtesy of

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Gibsonton, FL - The International Independent Showmen,s Association is putting the finishing touches together on the Annual Trade Show and Extravaganza in Gibsonton. 2010's edition promises to have something for everyone. "We have more rides and more exhibitors than in the past several years", said Teresa Rimes of the club. Two new vendors will be selling ice cream trucks and some exhibitors have expanded their line of offerings. Several ride companies are introducing new pieces at the show and other vendors who have not had rides displayed in recent years are making a return in 2010. One such vendor is Zamperla USA who is bringing three rides to the show. "We will have a 5-arm Mini Jet themed as a Red Baron, a Surf's Up and we will be debuting our Happy Swing at the IISA show this year", said Zamperla's Marketing Director LucPhoto By y Murphy. The Happy Swing, making its premier in the North American market, has been a big hit in Europe. Designed like a backyard swing ride, the piece can be themed to the customer's liking. The version at the show seats six, 2 adults and four children but larger models can provide additional capacity. " I rode it just the other day and all I could say was WOW!", said Murphy of the ride. Murphy added the 5 arm version of the popular Mini Jet was easier to handle and very affordable and the Surf's Up has proven to be an excellent family piece. Another big debut at the show is KMG,s first US Inversion ride. Themed "Nemesis 360", the ride has been sold to Tim Casper's PBJ Happee Day Shows from Marion, Arkansas. The ride will be up and operational at the trade show next week. The ride has LED lighting and "spectacular" theming according to Peter Theunisz of KMG. Len Soled of Rides 4-U made the sale of the Inversion to PBJ Happee Day Shows. Frederiksen Industries will have 6 slides on display at their booth in Gibtown. Three used slides and three new slides will be presented. One of those slides, the "Ice Slide" has been getting a lot of attention prior to the show and it is sure to be the object of buzz throughout the event. Jim Frederiksen, president of the company said the Ice Slide is actually a speed slide without the traditional bumps of a regular slide. The 110, foot long ride is designed to give the rider the sensation of going "further, longer and faster", said Frederiksen. Another twist for the new piece is the use of a sled for riders traveling down the slide. The sleds, which only weighs three pounds, are carried to the top of the slide by the guest. Due to the width of the sleds, the Ice Slide has two lanes and there are no double riders. A rubber carpet at the bottom stops the sled safely at the end of the ride. The ride is designed to skew to adults and teenagers. The attraction gives more of a thrill ride than a traditional slide. The Ice Slide has a beautiful array of LED lights on the ride and the sign. The ride will remain dark until the evening of February 12th when Frederiksen will host a special reception for the lighting of the ride. The reception will be hosted at the Gazebo by invitation only. Invitations can be requested at the Frederiksen or Rides-4-U booths during the trade show. The first version of the ride will be sold at the trade show and Frederiksen hopes to produce about 10 versions per year of the new attraction. The other two new rides at the booth will be 90 foot and 65 foot slides. The three used slides, completely refurbished by Frederiksen, will be on display and selling in the $53,000 to $90,000 range. Future articles will detail additional items to watch for in Gibtown as well as the educational seminars being offered by the club. Check the home page for new information each day.

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