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Read Article Shawn Krauel new General Manager of Central Florida Fair
Rain dampens attendance but not enthusiasm
By John Owens, CFE on 4/9/2013
Read Article Florida Strawberry Festival has record attendance
Accessibility is the key says manager Paul Davis
By Alvin Malpaya on 4/5/2013
Read Article The 2013 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Thrives, Expands Youth Programs

By Tiffany Chaney on 4/3/2013
Read Article Resurrecting the Pinellas County Fair
Fair continues to grow after 12-year hiatus
By Linda Van Slyke on 4/1/2013
Read Article Wade Shows Utilizes Cashless Midway at Central Florida Fair
Show adds two state fairs to route for 2013
By Don Muret on 3/26/2013
Read Article Florida State Fair as seen by Executive Director Chuck Pesano

By John Owens, CFE on 3/20/2013
Read Article VA Farm Bureau acquires full ownership of State Fair of Virginia

By Press Release on 3/15/2013
Read Article N.I.C.A selects Alta Mosley as Executive Director

By John Owens, CFE on 3/12/2013
Read Article Houghton holds the line on ticket prices for 2013
Show to upgrade Gravitron to Alien Abduction
By Don Muret on 3/6/2013
Read Article MCW interviews new Cal Expo head Rick Pickering

By John Owens on 2/25/2013
Read Article Coming off strong season, Rosedale's Tom Gaylin looks forward to 2013
Helping OABA with outreach to veterans
By Don Muret on 2/20/2013
Read Article 2013 IISF Trade Show a success; many deals made at the show
Exhibitors are optimistic about 2013 season
By Ron Weber on 2/14/2013
Read Article IISF Trade Show - Friday Highlights
Museum of the American Carnival to House OABA Hall of Fame in Gibsonton
By Ron Weber on 2/9/2013
Read Article IISF Trade Show - Thursday Highlights
Hitch-Hiker optimistic about 2013 season
By Ron Weber on 2/8/2013
Read Article IISF Trade Show - Day 2 Highlights
Ward Hall to be on American Pickers
By Ron Weber on 2/7/2013
Read Article Plenty of new rides and attractions at the 2013 IISF Trade Show
Wisdom's Rampage; ARM's new Frenzy; jackpots & more
By Ron Weber on 2/6/2013
Read Article 2013 IISF Trade Show & Extravaganza Kicks off in Gibtown
Trade show offers plenty for everyone
By Ron Weber on 2/5/2013
Read Article OABA looks to military veterans to solve industry labor issues

By Don Muret on 2/3/2013
Read Article OABA's Tom Powell accepts third SLA chair
First journalist to serve as SLA president; assumes position in 2016
By Don Muret on 1/28/2013
Read Article Sam Johnston appears on A&E's Shipping Wars

By John Owens, CFE on 1/21/2013
Read Article Luehrs Ideal Rides reflects on 2012 season; makes purchases for 2013
Show books with Deggeller at Arkansas State Fair
By Don Muret on 1/14/2013
Read Article Netterfield has strong 2012 season

By Don Muret on 1/8/2013
Read Article IAFE: Strates, Wade, and KMG Reports
Wade Shows undertakes holiday charity event
By Ron Weber on 12/6/2012
Read Article IAFE & SLA Concludes 2012 Trade Show
Updates from Universal Fairs; Wisconsin State Fair; Minnesota State Fair
By Ron Weber on 12/3/2012
Read Article In Their Own Words: Jimmy Strates

By Ron Weber on 11/28/2012
Read Article IAAPA Proves to be a Success for Manufacturers and Suppliers

By Ron Weber on 11/24/2012
Read Article IAAPA Attractions Expo Kicks off in Orlando

By Matt Cook on 11/13/2012
Read Article Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Carnival Business
NY/NJ shows weather the storm, lend a hand
By Don Muret on 11/13/2012
Read Article NAME brings 78 rides to the SC State Fair
Season solid when weather is good
By Don Muret on 11/6/2012
Read Article High diesel cost puts dent in Reithoffer's bottom line
Show relies on creative ride specials to bring people to events
By Don Muret on 10/18/2012
Read Article Wisconsin State Fair has success with Independent Midway in 2012
Ride gross up in 2012 over 2011
By Matt Cook on 10/8/2012
Read Article Fair Productions has successful fair season
Plans expansion into Florida
By Ron Weber on 9/26/2012
Read Article Arnold Amusements Plays New Great Lakes State Fair in Michigan
Show reports good season; adds three attractions for 2012
By Don Muret on 9/18/2012
Read Article A look inside Mulligan Engineering
Manufacturer of Giant Wheel, Swing, and Sea Ray Rides keeping busy with custom refurbishment jobs
By John Walczak on 9/7/2012
Read Article Windy City vandalized in June; show reports steady season
Show offers $10,000 reward for information on perpetrators involved in crime
By Don Muret on 8/27/2012
Read Article 2012 Showmen's League Exhibitor's Lounge and Convention Announced
Proposed by-law changes to be voted on this year
By Ron Weber on 8/17/2012
Read Article In their own words: Sam Johnston

By Ron Weber on 8/9/2012
Read Article Campy's Amusements plans expansion in near future
Show adding YoYo and Fire Ball for 2013
By Don Muret on 8/1/2012
Read Article Fredericksburg Fair Returns for 274th Year

By Robert Limerick on 7/27/2012
Read Article Miller Reports a Slightly Above Average Start to 2012
Show adds Wave Swinger & ARM Rock Star for 2012
By Don Muret on 7/19/2012
Read Article In their own words: Bob Cassata
Four questions with an industry pioneer, Bob Cassata of Bob's Space Racers
By Ron Weber on 7/11/2012
Read Article Browns Amusements reports good start to 2012 season; Success with Tokens
Show adds Pharaohs Fury for 2012
By Don Muret on 6/25/2012
Read Article Universal Fairs takes over Virginia State Fair
Purchased for $5.67m at auction
By Ron Weber on 6/12/2012
Read Article Merriam reports grosses up in 2012
Show has success with advance sale armbands
By Don Muret on 6/3/2012
Read Article Concessions: Customize your Paper and Plastic Cups
Using technology to increase sales
By Nick Verina on 5/29/2012
Read Article BREAKING NEWS: Universal Fairs buys VA State Fair for $5 million

By Matt Cook on 5/22/2012
Read Article Dixieland Carnival Adds New Equipment; Grows Show
Show reports good start to 2012 season; plans to expand route into Indiana and Florida
By Don Muret on 5/22/2012
Read Article Deggeller deals with sudden loss of VA State Fair
Show adds Huss Flipper; Wild Maus to ride lineup
By Don Muret on 5/15/2012
Read Article Response to Recent J-1, Work & Travel Cultural Exchange Program Exclusion

By Jeanne McDonagh, OABA Chair 2012 on 5/14/2012
Read Article In their own words: Ray Schantz

By Ron Weber on 5/5/2012
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