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Read Article CPM Bringing Biggest Teen Stars to Fairs in 2018

By Mary Weber on 11/22/2017
Read Article IAAPA Day 4: Majestic Coaster Set to Debut; Rides 4-U Wrap Up; Magic Money Introduces a Revolutionary Cashless Ticketing System

By Matt Cook & Ron Weber on 11/20/2017
Read Article IAAPA Day 3: Audio Innovators Develops Midway Sound System; Myers adds new European Dark Ride

By Ron Weber on 11/17/2017
Read Article ARM to build second Frenzy Ride; Wisdom to debut new Y-Factor
IAAPA 2017 Day 2 Highlights
By Matt Cook on 11/16/2017
Read Article Rides 4-U Debuts New Mini-Break Dance at IAAPA
IAAPA 2017 Day 1 Coverage
By Matt Cook on 11/15/2017
Read Article More than 32K Expected to See New Ride Technologies Unveiled at IAAPA

By IAAPA PR on 11/13/2017
Read Article Attendance increase for Du Quoin State Fair
Fair expands midway footprint
By Mary Weber on 11/10/2017
Read Article New LA County Fair Manager Goes Undercover

By Timothy Herrick on 11/8/2017
Read Article Strates Shows weighs in on testing for corrosion on rides; Show reports strong season

By Don Muret on 11/6/2017
Read Article From Dairy Farm to Fair Manager, Erie County Fair's New CEO

By Timothy Herrick on 11/1/2017
Read Article New Marketing and More Free Attractions Push Attendance Upwards for Colorado State Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 10/30/2017
Read Article Testimonial Marketing Helps Boost Champlain Valley Fair Attendance

By Timothy Herrick on 10/27/2017
Read Article Reithoffer Shows signs multi-year extensions for New Mexico State Fair and Pensacola Interstate Fair

By Don Muret on 10/25/2017
Read Article In Memory of Jeff Shuper

By Mary Weber on 10/23/2017
Read Article One day shorter but same attendance numbers for Washington State Fair

By Mary Weber on 10/20/2017
Read Article Hurricane Harvey poses challenges for Great Allentown Fair

By Mary Weber on 10/18/2017
Read Article Big E Breaks Attendance Records with New Marketing, Entertainment and Exhibits

By Timothy Herrick on 10/16/2017
Read Article New Mascot & Marketing Campaign Boosts Attendance for Delta Fair & Music Festival

By Timothy Herrick on 10/13/2017
Read Article Michaels Amusements Dodges Raindrops in Second Half Of the Season
Show affected by a temporary Freak Out ban in North Carolina
By Don Muret on 10/11/2017
Read Article First Independent Midway and Electronic Wristband for Iowa State Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 10/9/2017
Read Article New Sky Ride Enables New York State Fair to Soar

By Timmothy Herrick on 10/3/2017
Read Article Wisconsin's Winning Streak Extended to 5th Year

By Timothy Herrick on 10/2/2017
Read Article After fire loss, Fun Tech bounces back with new Kid Zoo Fun House

By Mary Weber on 9/28/2017
Read Article Celebrating the Life of Miss Mary Panacek

By Mary Weber on 9/25/2017
Read Article 2017 Minnesota State Fair Breaks Attendance Record Set Last Year

By Timothy Herrick on 9/21/2017
Read Article Maryland State Fair Attendance up 20% over 2016

By Mary Weber on 9/19/2017
Read Article 150th Nebraska State Fair Reaches New Highs

By Mary Weber on 9/15/2017
Read Article Building Improvements, Layout Changes and a Social Media Booth Highlight Mississippi Valley Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 9/13/2017
Read Article Despite a Tornado, Erie County Fair Rebounds

By Timothy Herrick on 9/11/2017
Read Article Florida's Broward County Fair to Return after Four-Year Absence

By Don Muret on 9/8/2017
Read Article Orange County Finds Sweet Spot with New Wheel, Farm Fresh Fun & Yield Management

By Timothy Herrick on 9/5/2017
Read Article Midway Millennials: Crystal Coronas

By Mary Weber on 9/1/2017
Read Article Delaware State Fair Rebounds with 10 Percent Increase in Attendance

By Timothy Herrick on 8/30/2017
Read Article Triple Treat Shows Celebrates 19 Years in Business

By Don Muret on 8/28/2017
Read Article Carnival Ministry: Alpha to Omega
An interview with Father John
By Linda Van Slyke on 8/25/2017
Read Article Garth Brooks Spearheads Comeback Year for California Mid-State Fair
Helm & Sons Amusements makes its debut as midway provider
By Timothy Herrick on 8/23/2017
Read Article Midway Sky Eye Rides Over 80,000 Patrons at Wisconsin State Fair

By Don Muret on 8/21/2017
Read Article Improved Marketing and Midway Design Boosts Ionia Free Fair
Arnold Amusements midway up 15% over 2016
By Timothy Herrick on 8/16/2017
Read Article Midway Millennials: Sara Ketcham of Ketcham Concessions

By Mary Weber on 8/14/2017
Read Article Calgary Stampede Bounces Back by Going Bigger
New super pass proves to be a successful promotion
By Timothy Herrick on 8/11/2017
Read Article All Around Amusements adds new rides & support equipment for 2017
Show plans for two units in 2018
By Mary Weber on 8/9/2017
Read Article The West is the Best for 2017 San Diego County Fair
Midway spending down in 2017
By Timothy Herrick on 8/7/2017
Read Article KMG Releases Official Statement on Fireball Accident

By KMG Press Release on 8/6/2017
Read Article Mike Wood talks new wheel, Ohio Accident
New Midway Sky Eye is ready to debut in Wisconsin
By Don Muret on 8/2/2017
Read Article Cattle Drive Opens Alameda's Best Summer Ever Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 7/31/2017
Read Article Powers & Thomas Midway Entertainment add Chance Grand Carousel & Hitch-Hiker Ice Cream Trailer for 2017

By Mary Weber on 7/28/2017
Read Article KMG Official Statement on Fireball Ride Accident
Early model Fire Ball rides currently shut down
By MCW Editor / KMG Press Release on 7/27/2017
Read Article Windy City Amusements Celebrates 40th Season
Show reports good start to season despite rain; new rides on the way
By Don Muret on 7/24/2017
Read Article Upgraded Fairgrounds, Strategic Marketing & Improved Economy Push Marion County Fair into Double-Digit Increases

By Timothy Herrick on 7/21/2017
Read Article 30th Salem Fair Continues Strong Run
Deggeller Attractions Midway up 5%
By Timothy Herrick on 7/19/2017
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