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Read Article NAME Selected as Midway Provider for Tulsa State Fair
Blomsness weighs in on shows new owner, Townsquare Media
By Don Muret on 11/16/2015
Read Article NAME awarded Tulsa State Fair Contract

By MCW Editor on 11/13/2015
Read Article Oklahoma State Fair Survives Donald Trump

By Timothy Herrick on 11/11/2015
Read Article Fewer Days Means Higher Attendance for LA County Fair
RCS ride revenue up 6% despite loss of weekend
By Timothy Herrick on 11/9/2015
Read Article Windstorm Weakens Start, but Community Gives Strong Finish for Evergreen Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 11/6/2015
Read Article Strates Shows uses drone technology to survey the midway
Show adds second giant wheel
By Don Muret on 11/4/2015
Annual trade show moving to San Antonio for 2018-2019 shows
By Timothy Herrick on 11/2/2015
Read Article Megan Trainer Concert Cancellation Challenges Champlain Valley Fair
Strates Shows makes midway debut
By Timothy Herrick on 10/28/2015
Read Article Wade Shows to Invest $3 Million in New Equipment
2015 season a huge success
By Ron Weber on 10/26/2015
Read Article Erie County Fair: Secret's in the stories
Strates Shows reports record breaking year
By Linda Van Slyke on 10/23/2015
Read Article Marketing & Management Makeover Boosts Maryland State Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 10/21/2015
Read Article Reithoffer Shows overcomes Hurricane Joaquin in N.C.
Show makes its debut in New Mexico
By Don Muret on 10/19/2015
Read Article Colorado's State Fair: Hot and Chili

By Linda Van Slyke on 10/16/2015
Read Article NY State Fair Celebrates Diversity, Looks Forward to 2016 Renovations
Dollar day proves to be a winning promotion
By Timothy Herrick on 10/14/2015
Read Article New Programming by New Manager Makes Canada's The Ex Exceptional

By Timothy Herrick on 10/12/2015
Read Article Wilson County Fair: Tops in Tennessee and beyond

By Linda Van Slyke on 10/9/2015
Read Article Minnesota State Fair: Attendance Dip, Spending Up

By Timothy Herrick on 10/7/2015
Read Article Year of the Farmer Reaps Success for Indiana State Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 10/5/2015
Read Article Wood Entertainment discusses Minnesota & Texas State Fairs
Company to book equipment at the Coastal Carolina Fair
By Don Muret on 9/30/2015
Read Article Alabama Leads West Virginia's Effective Marketing Strategy

By Timothy Herrick on 9/28/2015
Read Article Iowa State Fair: Presidential Contenders, Social Media & Record Attendance

By Timothy Herrick on 9/23/2015
Read Article NAME Acquisition Begins New Chapter for Fair Industry

By Timothy Herrick on 9/21/2015
Read Article Dutchess County Fair: Hudson Valley highlights

By Linda Van Slyke on 9/18/2015
Read Article Gopher State Exposition reports solid season in Minnesota
Show books three pieces at the Minnesota State Fair
By Don Muret on 9/16/2015
Read Article Delaware State Fair Attendance Increases 10 Percent
Wade Shows midway revenue up 6%
By Timothy Herrick on 9/14/2015
Read Article California Mid-State Fair Overcomes Flood & Concert Delays
Davis Enterprises has best year ever at fair on the midway
By Timothy Herrick on 9/11/2015
Read Article Allied Specialty Insurance Company Acquired by Global Giant

By Timothy Herrick on 9/8/2015
Read Article Despite Down Economy, K-Days Succeeds With Innovative Marketing & Community Support

By Timothy Herrick on 9/4/2015
Read Article New York New York Fun House makes a splash at the Minnesota State Fair

By Don Muret on 9/2/2015
Read Article Midway Millennials - Butler Amusements
Sean Butler: Communication, Collaboration & Willingness to Change
By Timothy Herrick on 8/31/2015
Read Article Weather, Marketing & Economy Boosts Attendance for Ohio State Fair
Amusements of America midway revenue up 12%
By Timothy Herrick on 8/26/2015
Read Article Marketing "Tweaks" Turns California State Fair Spectacular
Butler midway sales up 13.5%
By Timothy Herrick on 8/24/2015
Read Article Hispanic Fairgoers: Fairs Keep Up With Evolving Market

By Timothy Herrick on 8/21/2015
Read Article Drew Exposition weighs in on 2015 season
Show looks to add a second roller coaster in the future
By Don Muret on 8/19/2015
Read Article BREAKING NEWS: Townsquare Media to acquire North American Midway Entertainment

By Press Release on 8/17/2015
Read Article Brian Schuman's Fair Productions: Springing into Summer 2015

By Linda Van Slyke on 8/14/2015
Read Article Allied International Holdings To Be Acquired By XL Group
Allied Speciality Insurance & THE Insurance Company to be aquired
By Annie Shugart on 8/12/2015
Read Article Alameda County Fair: Rockin' the Red White & Blue

By Linda Van Slyke on 8/7/2015
Read Article Midway Millennials
Phil Corl: Promoted to Keep Powers Great American Midways Rolling
By Timothy Herrick on 8/5/2015
Read Article To Fill Sudden Vacancy, Kansas State Fair Board Creates Interim General Manager Spot

By Timothy Herrick on 8/3/2015
Read Article TJ Schmidt's Douglas Burtch: Conductor par excellence

By Linda Van Slyke on 7/31/2015
Read Article Skinners Amusements Celebrates 105th season
Show adds new Chance Zipper in 2015
By Don Muret on 7/29/2015
Read Article Extra Day & Innovative Promotions Makes San Diego's "A Fair To Remember" Memorable

By Timothy Herrick on 7/27/2015
Read Article Colusa County 2015: Magic in the Fair

By Linda Van Slyke on 7/24/2015
Read Article More & Smarter Marketing Weakens The Impact of Rain on State Fair Meadowlands

By Timothy Herrick on 7/20/2015
Read Article San Mateo County Fair's Matthew Cranford: Where success meets opportunity

By Linda Van Slyke on 7/17/2015
Read Article FY-16 State Fair Funding: Some States Restore Cut Money, Illinois Cuts All Allocations

By Timothy Herrick on 7/15/2015
Read Article Midway Millennials - Pride of Texas Shows
Christopher Barton: We Can Do Things The Way They Should Be Done
By Timothy Herrick on 7/13/2015
Read Article San Bernardino County Fair Still Assessing Impact of Fatal Accident

By Timothy Herrick on 7/8/2015
Read Article Midway Millennials
Marina Zaitshik: Enhancing the Midway by Asking Why
By Timothy Herrick on 7/6/2015
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