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Read Article South Florida Fair Survives Massive Rain, Attendance Decline & H-2B Shortfall

By Timothy Herrick on 3/28/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials - Dreamland Amusements
Jaclyn Destefano: Teacher and Unit Manager
By Chasity Edwards on 3/25/2016
Read Article Powers & Thomas Midway Entertainment kicks off 2nd season
Show adds a Sky Diver to its ride lineup
By Don Muret on 3/23/2016
Read Article New Showmen's League President: The Industry Needs New Blood
Exclusive interview with Ron Porter
By Timothy Herrick on 3/21/2016
Read Article Attendance Up, Spending Down at Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
Talley Amusements fields 48 rides on the midway
By Timothy Herrick on 3/18/2016
Read Article Economically Struggling Michigan Fairs Focus on Farming & Community Outreach

By Timothy Herrick on 3/16/2016

By Timothy Herrick on 3/14/2016
Read Article Increased Funding & Reaming Relevant to Communities Tops New Western Fairs Assn. President Agenda

By Timothy Herrick on 3/11/2016
Read Article Industry Legends Inducted into OABA Hall of Fame

By Timothy Herrick on 3/9/2016
Read Article Government Gridlock Threatens All 2016 PA Fairs

By Timothy Herrick on 3/7/2016
Read Article First PAC Fundraiser Helps Keep Arizona Fairs Funded

By Timothy Herrick on 3/4/2016
Read Article Security, Entertainment Costs & Rained Out Fairs Dominate GA/SC Joint-Convention

By Timothy Herrick on 3/2/2016
Read Article Changes to H-2B Program Beneficial for Carnivals

By Don Muret on 2/29/2016
Read Article New Lobbying & Social Media Controversies Highlight NY Fair Convention

By Timothy Herrick on 2/26/2016
Read Article NAME Named 1st New Midway for Tulsa State Fair in 40+ Years

By Timothy Herrick on 2/24/2016
Read Article Strates Shows Dutch Wheel makes for a picture perfect background at the Rolex 24 Race in Daytona

By Don Muret on 2/22/2016
Read Article Iowa Fair Meeting Highlights Security & New Ideas

By Timothy Herrick on 2/19/2016
Read Article 2016 IISF Trade Show Ends with a Bang
Manufacturers report strong trade show
By Ron Weber on 2/17/2016
Read Article N.C. Fairs: Struggling After 2015 Rain Outs

By Timothy Herrick on 2/15/2016
Read Article 2016 IISF Trade Show: Friday Highlights
KMG / UsedRidesEurope and NICA updates
By Ron Weber on 2/13/2016
Read Article 2016 IISF Trade Show: Thursday Highlights
Interviews with Little Richard, LJM & Associates; and A&A Attractions
By Ron Weber on 2/12/2016
Read Article 2016 IISF Trade Show: Wednesday Highlights
IGPM Group introduces new photo booths & coin-op boxing units
By Ron Weber on 2/11/2016
Read Article 2016 IISF Trade Show opens to cool weather
Sonshine Shows purchases new Giant Wheel; Mike Sandlofer passes
By Ron Weber on 2/10/2016
Read Article Upbeat Industry, Historic Summit & H-2B Updates to Highlight ANNUAL IISF Gibtown Trade Show

By Timothy Herrick on 2/8/2016
Read Article Virginia Association of Fairs Convention Gets Connected

By Timothy Herrick on 2/5/2016
Read Article Rosedale Attractions Purchases The Assets of Billet Amusements

By Don Muret on 2/3/2016
Read Article Carnival Warehouse Interview: Michael Wood/OABA Chairman
Fair Industry Potential: Revenue Rising & Confronting H-2B Challenges
By Timothy Herrick on 2/1/2016
Read Article More Kids & Young Families Means More Midway Makeovers

By Timothy Herrick on 1/29/2016
Read Article Ohio Fair Managers Association: Youth Movement Makes Ohio Fairs Optimistic

By Timothy Herrick on 1/27/2016
Read Article Belle City kicks off 2016 season at Manatee Co. Fair
Show signs 7-year contract extension with the FL Strawberry Fest
By Don Muret on 1/25/2016
Read Article New Marketing & Reithoffer Midway Boosts New Mexico State Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 1/22/2016
Read Article Belle City Amusements and the FL Strawberry Festival Agree to a 7-Year Contract Extension

By BCA Press Release on 1/21/2016
Read Article The Gus-Gus Saga: Abducted Goat Brings AZ State Fair Added Publicity
RCS reports ride per cap spending up in 2015
By Timothy Herrick on 1/20/2016
Read Article Carnival Warehouse Interview: Marla Calico
By Timothy Herrick on 1/18/2016
Read Article Top-50 Fairs: Innovative Marketing & Improving Economy Boost Industry

By Timothy Herrick on 1/15/2016
Read Article In Spite of Heavy Rains and Cancelled Days, Pensacola Interstate Fair Has Bright Spots

By Timothy Herrick on 1/13/2016
Read Article Carnival Warehouse Interview: Jim Tucker
IAFE Leader Steps Down, Predicts Bright Future For Fairs
By Timothy Herrick on 1/11/2016
Read Article Vendor Spotlight: Chance Rides Builds Fun in Changing Times

By Tiffany Chaney on 1/8/2016
Read Article Browns Amusements celebrates 20th season
Show adjusts route; adds KMG Freak Out for 2016 season
By Don Muret on 1/6/2016
Read Article Coastal Carolina Fair: New Kiddieland & Upbeat Economy Combat Rainy Days

By Timothy Herrick on 1/4/2016
Read Article 76th Arkansas State Fair: Weather Enables Record Turnout

By Timothy Herrick on 12/28/2015
Read Article Farrow Finance: Carnival industry's best friend

By Linda Van Slyke on 12/23/2015
Read Article Remembering The "Face" of RCS: Tony Fiori

By Timothy Herrick on 12/21/2015
Read Article Dothan National Peanut Festival: Nuts to all that rain!

By Linda Van Slyke on 12/18/2015
Read Article Deggeller Attractions adds Flitzer Roller Coaster
Show reports record runs at MD and AR State Fairs
By Don Muret on 12/16/2015
Read Article Change is Good: New Marketing, Ticket Packages and Home-Grown Music Boost 2015 North Carolina Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 12/14/2015
Read Article Amusements of America officials report good 2015 season
Show sending equipment to Puerto Rico through mid January
By Don Muret on 12/11/2015
Read Article State Fair of Louisiana Added Extra Day Due to Rain
Fair takes on over 20 inches of rainfall
By Timothy Herrick on 12/9/2015
Read Article State Fair of Texas Texification Leads to Record Year
Over $42 million reported in food and ride ticket sales
By Timothy Herrick on 12/7/2015
Read Article IAFE CONVENTION, Day 3 Changes, Changes
Kissel Entertainment adds new equipment for 2016
By Ron Weber on 12/4/2015
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