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Read Article Topsfield Fair: Record Setting Pumpkin & Bicentennial Build-Up Eases Rain Pain

By Timothy Herrick on 11/25/2016
Read Article Source: NAME signs Arkansas State Fair

By MCW Editor on 11/23/2016
Read Article IAAPA Expo 2016: Friday Highlights
Rides 4-U; Galaxy Amusement Sales; New Rides Europe; & Kolmax updates
By Matt Cook on 11/22/2016
Read Article IAAPA Expo - Thursday Highlights
E-Works makes a splash in the LED market; KMG sells two Speeds to AOA
By Matt Cook on 11/18/2016
Read Article IAAPA Expo - Wednesday Highlights
Wisdom to build Frog Hopper; Ital International debuts new Giant Wheel
By Matt Cook on 11/17/2016

By Ron Weber on 11/16/2016
Read Article 2016 Georgia National Fair: One for the Record Books

By Mary Weber on 11/14/2016
Read Article Tennessee Valley Fair Weathers Heat Wave, Rain Storm & Bad Pre-Fair Publicity

By Timothy Herrick on 11/11/2016
Read Article Five Daily Attendance Records for The Big E's Centennial Celebration

By Timothy Herrick on 11/9/2016
Read Article Oklahoma State Fair Survives Storms, Heat & Soft Economy with a Value-added Package

By Timothy Herrick on 11/7/2016
Read Article For Second Year in a Row, Big Fresno Passes Major Milestone

By Timothy Herrick on 11/4/2016
Read Article NAME Operation Produces 7% Ride Gross Increase in Tulsa
Blomsness prepares for retirement
By Don Muret on 11/2/2016
Read Article New GM Helps Kansas State Fair Reach Third Best Attendance
Midway safety a big concern following Schlitterbahn water slide accident
By Timothy Herrick on 10/31/2016

By Mary Weber on 10/28/2016
Read Article Independent Midway, Headline Entertainment and Pokemon Promotions Boost Ventura County Fair Attendance

By Timothy Herrick on 10/26/2016
Read Article ** UPDATED** CNE Expands Demographic With New Marketing and Unisex Washroom Publicity

By Timothy Herrick on 10/24/2016
Read Article Paid Admission Increases for Colorado State Fair

By Mary Weber on 10/21/2016
Read Article Full Fair Feel: New Mexico State Fair Sees 8 Percent Attendance Jump

By Timothy Herrick on 10/19/2016
Read Article Overcoming Heat & Volatile Farm Economy, Missouri State Fair Continues Upward Trend

By Timothy Herrick on 10/17/2016
Read Article A Tennessee Tradition: Rain Hurts Attendance, but Family Focus Succeeds

By Timothy Herrick on 10/14/2016
Read Article Powers & Thomas Midway Entertainment Reports 2016 Season as a 100% Improvement over 2015

By Don Muret on 10/12/2016
Read Article New Ticketing & Kiddieland Highlight Kentucky State Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 10/10/2016
Read Article 2016 Dutchess County Fair: Attendance Down, Midway Spending Up

By Timothy Herrick on 10/3/2016
Read Article The Great Minnesota Get Together Honors Prince & Breaks Attendance Record

By Timothy Herrick on 9/30/2016
Read Article Nebraska State Fair Achieves Record Year at New Grand Island Location

By Mary Weber on 9/28/2016
Read Article Despite Challenges, 2016 Wisconsin State Fair Sees 4th year of Attendance Exceeding One Million

By Timothy Herrick on 9/26/2016
Read Article New Carnival, Attendance Increase for 2016 Oregon State Fair

By Mary Weber on 9/22/2016
Read Article Independent Ride Owner Mike Demas takes delivery of new KMG Konga in time for Dallas

By Don Muret on 9/21/2016
Read Article Change Pays Off: New York State Fair Attendance Jumps 23 Percent
Wade Shows midway surpasses $3 million in ride revenue
By Timothy Herrick on 9/19/2016
Read Article Ugly Dogs & Community Support: The County Fair With a Globally Viral Contest

By Timothy Herrick on 9/16/2016
Read Article Iowa State Fair Continues To Build Wow Factor
Fair to host independent midway in 2017
By Timothy Herrick on 9/14/2016
Read Article Attendance & Revenues Jump for 23-Day Orange County Fair
RCS Midway Gross exceeds $9 million
By Timothy Herrick on 9/12/2016
Read Article Heat Wave Hurts Garden State Fair
Reithoffer Shows introduces new kiddyland midway
By Timothy Herrick on 9/8/2016
Read Article Minnesota State Fair's Mighty Midway: Featuring the Best of the Best
Independent midway features 61 rides and 47 games
By Don Muret on 9/6/2016
Read Article Innovative Grass Roots Marketing Pushes St. Joe's Fair to Record Year
NAME midway achieves record revenue
By Timothy Herrick on 8/31/2016
Read Article Universal Fairs: Proper promotion and quality partners essential to producing a successful event

By Mary Weber on 8/29/2016
Read Article Elliott's Amusements sees uptick in Michigan economy
Show adds a Ali Baba for 2016
By Don Muret on 8/25/2016
Read Article K-Days: Giving Fairgoers More Value in Tough Economy

By Timothy Herrick on 8/24/2016
Read Article Calgary Stampede's Community Support Strong Despite Rainy Days & Down Economy

By Timothy Herrick on 8/22/2016
Read Article Carnival owner, Dan Driskill, finds therapy through his musical talents

By Don Muret on 8/19/2016
Read Article Ohio State Fair: Excessive Heat Causes Attendance Decline
Amusements of America down 6% over last year
By Timothy Herrick on 8/17/2016
Read Article Despite Heat Wave Induced Attendance Dip, Delaware Sponsorships Strengthen Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 8/15/2016
Read Article El Dorado County Fair: Attendances Reaches 10 Year High

By Timothy Herrick on 8/12/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials - Strates Shows
Reed Sheldon: Gen-Y Professionals & The High-Tech Fair Industry
By Timothy Herrick on 8/10/2016
Read Article Pokemon, Skyride & Zipper Helps Minimizes Attendance Drop for California State Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 8/8/2016
Read Article Fearless Flores Thrill Show: Three Generations of Thrilling Entertainment

By Mary Weber on 8/5/2016
Read Article Alameda County Fair: Attendance Jumps with Strong July 4th Finish
Butler Amusements unveils redesigned kiddie land
By Timothy Herrick on 8/3/2016
Read Article Frazier Shows Boosts Events with Social Media Marketing
Show adds Rock Star & Kiddie Carousel for 2017
By Don Muret on 8/1/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials - Powers Great American Midways
Dean Corl: Powers Office Manager Wears Many Hats
By Timothy Herrick on 7/27/2016
Read Article State Fair Meadowlands: Last Minute Marketing Makes New Jersey Great Again

By Timothy Herrick on 7/25/2016
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