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Carnival & Fair News
After more than a quarter of a century, one of the leading state fairs in the Midwest has switched carnival companies. Following an extensive Request for Proposal (RFP) that involved some of the leading midway providers in the United States, next summer the Ohio State Fair will feature a brand new midway courtesy of Talley Amusements. Talley Amusements replaces Amusements of America who has been the midway provider for the Ohio State Fair for the past 26 years. “Talley Amusements is a rising star in the amusement business,” said ......[read more]

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Is big name entertainment still a viable option for state fairs? A grandstand-filling fair staple for decades, more recently rising costs ranging from musician fees, commissions and improved production values – a scenario compounded by increased competition for similar acts by festivals, casinos and other venues have caused many fairs to reconsider how best to utilize their grandstands. There remains hope that the ticketed grandstand shows can still be financially viable as well as augment attendance. Some fairs have found that fairgoers ......[read more]
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Carnival & Fair News
Ray Cammack Shows
LA County Fair | Pomona, CA
8/31/2018 - 9/23/2018
Wade Shows
Oklahoma State Fair | Oklahoma City, OK
9/13/2018 - 9/23/2018
Reithoffer Shows
The Great Frederick Fair | Fredrick, MD
9/14/2018 - 9/22/2018
Powers & Thomas
Rowan County Fair | Salisbury, NC
9/14/2018 - 9/22/2018
Kissel Entertainment
Coffee County Fair | Manchester, TN
9/17/2018 - 9/22/2018
Reithoffer Shows
Davidson Co. Fair | Lwxington, NC
9/17/2018 - 9/22/2018
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Carnival & Fair News

The following was provided by JKJ Workforce regarding H2B Compliance Audits being conducted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS):

Over the past few days there have been several reports of DHS agents visiting H-2B employers to conduct random “compliance audits.”

In most cases, the agents visit the worksite or home office, but some of the contact comes by phone or email.

There does not seem to be a standard request for documents or standard list of questions. Some request just a few documents (I-9s, list of employees, etc.). Others are requesting extensive documentation of the type consistent with a full DOL wage and hour audit, including payroll reports.

It is not clear that DHS has authority to conduct these audits because DHS delegated “all” of its authority to DOL in 2009 to determine whether employers are complying with the H-2B program.

I suggest you do the following:

• Notify each of your offices/units that they may be contacted by DHS. (in person, by email, or by phone).
• If contacted by DHS (or DOL for that matter), be polite and tell the agent that you’ll be happy to work with them and that the company has a process for responding to these types of requests.
• Ask the agent to provide his/her contact information and a written list of the information/documents they want.
• The agent may attempt to pressure you into dropping everything and start producing documents. You are under no obligation to do that.
• Just be polite and tell the agent that someone will get back to them as soon as possible to follow up on their requests.
• Then contact JKJ Workforce and/or your attorney for further advice about how to proceed.

Let me know if you have any questions.

James Judkins, JKJ Workforce Agency

Posted by: Jim Judkins, JKJ Workforce on 9/19/2018

Deggeller Attractions announced today that the show signed a multi-year contract extension with the York Fair in York, PA.  Deggeller has been playing the York Fair since 2011.  Prior to 2011, the midway was provided by Reithoffer Shows.  Also today, Deggeller Attractions also announced the signing of another multi-year extension with the Cecil County Fair in Elkton, MD.

Posted by: Matt Cook on 9/17/2018
  1. Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo - Houston, TX
  2. Texas State Fair - Dallas, TX
  3. San Antonio Livestock Show & Ex. - San Antonio, TX
  4. Minnesota State Fair - St. Paul, MN
  5. San Diego County Fair - Del Mar, CA
    1. Berk Concession Supply
Carnival & Fair News
November 13 - 16, 2018
November 25 - 28, 2018
IAFE Convention
San Antonio, TX
January 12 - 17, 2019
AIMS Safety Seminar
Galveston, TX
January 25 - 27, 2019
Halloween & Party Expo
New Orleans, LA
February 5 - 8, 2019
Fair Productions is seeking FOOD, NOVELTY, AND STRAIGHR SALE VENDORS for the Fair at Fenway South in Ft. Myers Florida, November 9-18, 2018
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Browns Amusements is now hiring ride help, game help, food help, electrician, and CDL drivers for the 2018 season.  Call Danny at (602) 763-1617 for more info or visit
Smokeys Greater Shows is now booking non conflicting rides, games, and food for the upcoming 2018 season.  We are also hiring ride help, electricians, welders, and more.  CDL drivers are a plus!
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